Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wakaka,just linked my Chai.
Wow,it's so suprise that she has a blog. XD
Hey,must write something for me everyday when you went to China ah!
Or else??
Your death will be waiting for you.
I have spent so much money in Pet soc.!
My money~!!!! TT
Yeah~ I gotta wing from mysterious Autumn fearie egg! XD
Ahh...the weather is damn hot when I was way back from school just now.
Hmph! Someone owes me a coconut!! XO
And I want it tomorrow! ^^
It's happy that finally,I get myself a with sleeve and not so big anarkeli.
*claps* XD
Someone borrowed me one but that's too big and the colour is a bit dull.
I will be wearing Bavani's anarkeli on this coming Friday.
Thanks a lot Bavani!!! Muackss!!! X3
It's a pink anarkeli and the bling bling on it is very nice~ *faint*
She's lending me her accessories for me tomorrow but she says that her accessories are all simple and not grant grant type.
Anyway,that doensn't matter for me.
Simple is still nice.^^
I took some photos already,hahah... not tell anybody about it. XD
Don't worry,I will take good care of it de!! XP
*still high & emo*
Tomorrow will be the real rehearsal for the whole performances.
So...I think I will just bring myself and one water bottle to go to school.
I was in 5B for the last 2 periods before the bell rings.
Everybody in my class was walking everywhere,lepak everywhere.
There's nobody in the class.
I lost myself so I went to 5B.
Hmm...Although I brought my guitar to school today but I learn nothing.
It's okay,perhaps I was too busy?
Not really...hahah.^^
Wow...just peeked at Ken and Pen's pics.
They are such a sweet~ couple. XD
She had just celebrated her 21th birthday and they took lotza pic at her birthday party.
Pen's a tall and thin one,and Ken's a tall and fit one.
What a wonderful pair.
I will be free tonight.
Thinking of what I can do without touching the keyboard.
I can't touch cuz dad and mum's back home at night.
Nevamind,better rest earlier tinight,I hadn't slept well last night.
And I had an odd dream. =____=
Gotta go now,ciaoz.


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