Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Lied

I lied.
A lady called me just now,says that she's conducting a survey for her company,the Shangrila Hotel.
She asked me whether I cared the cleanliness or the price of the servises and the food more.
So I answered cleanliness and she thanked me for my help and co-operation.
Then she started to introduce me about the hotel and the servises there,the spa,the food and bla.
She asked me how old I am and I answered 'I am still very young'.
Hahah,I started to lie! Cuz I am scared!! XD
Then she asked me 'Younger than 15??'
So...I replied...'Yes.'
Hahah,then she stopped introducing and told me to tell my parents and family to visit to the hotel if we are free and thanked me once again.
I feel bad lying on my age but...I was scared.
I thought it was a cheating company who wanna rob my house or something. =.=
Anyway,phew...She was not a robber or bad people who wanna blackmail people.
I became young for a moment,hahah! ^^
Sorry for lying on you,missy. X(


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