Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Odd Dream

This is not going to be a boring day. I am glad that it is. :)
Woke up at 8.50am (great) and had my breakfast -- mixed bean soup *black + green + red bean* ,it tastes nice.^^
Continue doing Puan Haris's work (I just realised that I haven't even touch one when I woke up this morning) after that.
Feels like eating something right now but too bad,my maid haven't cook anything yet. T_________T kakak...
After an hour doing her work,finally,it's my turn touching the pc.
Great,PS is normal today,unlike yesterday. =.=
I was shocked cuz I did not really feel sleepy when I was attending Mr.Fong's last night.
I will feel sleepy especially at ten or after ten.
Sleepy until I can fall asleep immediately.
I did not,and I did paid my fully attention listening his lesson yesterday.
I did it! XD I did not yawned!! Erm...actually...I did twice. Heheh. ^^
Hmm...For me,I think that he is a 'Super Time Lover'.
He says that watching Taiwanese and Japanese entertaining shows are a waste of time and we should not watch them unless we are free.
He says that we should take a book and read when we are free but not watchign those wasting time shows.
What...I could not do it,I will die without watching TV shows,especially funnies one.
He always scolds his brothers too,hahah! XD
I wonder how he entertain himself when he is free.
Miss her daughter suddenly. >.< She so cutee and she loves sweets so much! XD
Lazy to attend tuition later...I wanna watch my 'Boys over flowers'. T_____T
It feels great when I see Chandi -- 'silk grass' scolding or hitting Jun Pyo. X3
She's pity too...alwsys being bullied by people,but not anymore after episode 2.^^
Hmm...Soo Yi Zheng is the cutest in the drama,for me,hahah! ^^
Ahh...he is fair and artistic,and he has a sweet smile,owh...melted my heart away...
Still left an essay la...lazy to do but I have to. >o<
Torturing me...K.O.
Wishing daddy could bring us shopping this Sunday...I miss P&co.
Guess what? I had Puan Joginder in my dream. =O=
The story goes like this...
Mummy and I was shopping at a big shopping complex.
After walking for a while,I saw Puan Jo standing in front of 'our school's' front gate and looking inside,anyway,that doesn't look like our school at all cuz it is very big,high class and nice.
I wanted to say hi to her but she pushed me away telling me not to do so in public cuz she don't wanna let people know that she is a school principal.
She was then ran away and I chased her(I don't know why she ran away).
When I ran to a strange place,she is dissapeared.
A friends of mine(I forgot who was she) went to search for her.
The staircase were all sengek,very hard to walk through it.
Then suddenly many animals like rinosouraus and hipoppotamaus ran upstairs and I quickly ran away from them.
That's all. Weird huh?
Hahah,it sounds scary. >w<
I think I am hungry right now...Better search for food.
Ciaoz people,enjoy your hols. :)


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