Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Woke up in the morning and stomachache. =.=
Keep on pressing my tummy on the bed and started to roll.
Duh...I juts hate having stomachache,it's killing me!! XO
And it continues right now,duh...I can't tolerate with you anymore..!!
Go away you monster!! Go away you evil!!
Oh my God...pain...T_______T
* a few minutes later...*
Phew...I am feeling much more better right now.
Spm starts today,and right now in the morning,they are having their BM 2 paper.
They still left 55 minutes to finish their paper.
Wish them luck and I will pray for them.^^
Haven't eat anything as my breakfast yet,there's food waiting for me but i have no appetite to eat first. starts,kinda boring actually.
There's an outing today but...I am sick so I can't join them today.
I feel so bad,sorry pals!! X(
Hahah,I have just adopted a coton de tulear in FB game.
I named her 'Sweet Pea'. XD
Erm...the game is called 'Pet pupz',and it's so cute. Hahah!! XD
Owh...the so called 'puppy points' are so cutee... XD
Hahah,finally,I have more things to do in this hols,I don't wanna spend my time like a stupid physco sitting there doing nothing!! XO
Feeling hungry now,gotta go for my tummy's sake.
so...bye~ Ciaoz.

P.S.-- Goodluck form 5s'!! X)


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