Monday, November 9, 2009

Classes Exchanged

Owh,4A,4B,4C and 5B had been exchanging classes from last friday.
Our class had been changed to 3G.
The class is dirty so I swept the floor this morning cuz I can't tolerate with the rubbish,papers and plastic bags anymore.
I hate rubbish.
Guess what?
I 'found' my old friend. XD
Cia Shien,miss you much.^^
Thanks for finding me owh~
Oh yea,thanks to Xinyan for the muffins last Friday. XD
Rainy day.
The raod is wet,everywhere is wet.
And my shoes is wet.
I walked back home with a pair of wet shoes and wet socks. ==
Going to skip my English tuition later,I have to finish my Sivik project. ^^
Happy to skip the class later,hahah,I am so bad. Xp
Sorry uncle Larry.
Finally,Vanitha brought her Anarkeli for me today.
But it's too big for me...
Summore it's sleeveless.
I wonder whether I should find others or not...
It's nice,but it's big and long and the pants is long.
And the colour is a bit dull.
But I love the bottom part of the dress. XD
I should go and fix the size of the Anarkeli later.
Gotta go.
Gonna finish my project now.


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