Sunday, November 22, 2009

CD Fever

Guess what?? We bought 37 discs at Summit USJ today!! XD
So...hahah...we spent a lot of money too...
We went there cuz there's undergoing a promotion for books and discs.
I was so exited when I saw those animations. XD
And I bought 3. XD
- Shugo Chara
- Junjou Romantica
- Saiunkoku

Next,I bought a Korean sad movie -- Virgin Snow and 'Boys over flowers' >w<
Daddy bought me 'Violin 101','The best of classical collections' and Dennis Lau's 'Diversity' too. ^^ much did they cost...O.O
Besides,I bought some books too.
I bought 'The simple rules of love','Escape','Blue moon','Dark secrets 1' and some Chinese books. :)
Thank you very much,my dear papa and mama♥
Hmm...wanna watch Junjou Romantica later.
Yin says,it's a boys love anime and it's very I bought it. ^^
Have you heard of Dennis Lau?
He is a violinist who plays his electrical violin on the stage with the models at fashion shows.
I saw him in a newspaper one day and I met him at the very same place!! X3
I can get his autography cuz I bought his album too. ^^
He is quite tall,fit and he is dam man with his mustache♥
Wakaka,I took pictures with him too!! XD
This is it♥

He looked enjoyed and cool when he was performing too. XD

Taking his autograph. :)

Look at these...=s

Mountains of discs...@.@

Gotta go,enjoy your holidays.
See ya!♥


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