Monday, November 23, 2009

Duh...boring. :(
Taken a plate of Cornetti as my breakfast just now but I need milk.
Hahah,the new items in Pet Soc. are so cute. XD
Going to a friend's house later,wish that time could flow faster,I don't wanna stay at home,I mean for too long.
Dad says he will start to take us to shopping as ir will be busy after school reopens.
Perhaps...We will be going out this Sunday?? ^^
Wahaha,I wanna buy clothes,my hands are feeling itch already. >.<
P&co. is my personal favorite.♥
Hmm...I ♥ skirts.
I am going to get myself 2 pairs of shoe shoe this year,no boots!
Flats will do. :)
Btw,I have 2 new skirts and 6 new tops already...
Opps...shhh...don't tell my mum. XD
Haiz...boring lah...
Hahah,Lola is now 33 lvl. ^^
Oh yea,New Moon is going to on at this Thursday.
Wanna watch it. :)
I would like to watch 'The princess and the frog' too. ^^
Oh yeah,and Avatar,it is a must watch movie directed by the director of the famous movie 'Titanic' and forgotten.
Okay,that's all for now.
Enjoy your hols.


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