Sunday, October 31, 2010

#468 - Farewell party & party & party

Have been abandoning my bloggie for several days. Many things had happened in this week,it's time to write something now,I don't want my blog to be covered by layers of dust. 

I brought my DSLR to school this Friday as there's an important event being held on that particular day which was our one & only Majlis Perpisahan PPS 2009/2010. After recess time,Emily brought it to her class to snap some funny pictures. POOR Shan Hoe,he was the 'star' on that day! XD 5B guys are 'famous' for 'taking off activities' & he was very unfortunately for becoming the victim of the day. The big gang 'lay' him down on the floor & started to take his shoes,socks & tie off. They almost took his pants off! HAHAHA!! Pics were taken but I'm lazy to upload it. If you were at the scene,I am sure that you will burst out laughing non stop. After that,something happaned... Mr.Kumar wanted to see the person who brought the camera. My heartbeat increased & I started to become panic. I don't know what to do until LK & Joel accompanied me to see him. PHEW,luckily he was just warning me not to take pics during PNP periods. Will be uploading Shan Hoe's super duper pics when I am in the mood.

Next,we had MAJLIS PERPISAHAN on Friday as well. Chai & I promised each other not to cry before the event starts,but we didn't make it. The event starts with prize giving ceremony & Puan Hamidah's speech. After that,there were some video slides. Memories started to rewind,I could hardly believe that I am now really leaving school & my fellow librarians. Before that,my PPS friends & I was the one who prepare the events,the food,the performances & the games. Now,I was the one who was going through the same thing which our ex-seniors have gone through. Those flashbacks,those pictures will be my memory in my heart forever. I've become a librarian since I was in form 1. I straight became an AJK after that until now. From Ketua Sesi Petang to AJK Keceriaan & lastly to Penolong Setiausaha,I have learnt things & gained experiences by holding those poses. They make me confident towards myself & my ability to become a leader. What made me cried,or I should say 'who made me cry' was -- miss Ling Xin Yan. I kept controlling my tears but I've failed at last. The performances were touching,thanks to all of you who made me such a wonderful memory to be remembered. PPS,WE ARE THE BEST!

Yesterday was my boy friend's mother's birthday. I've made her a card :) When she asked me to join the dinner,I was happy but at the same time feeling unsure as I scared that I will interrupt she & her son's dinner but she insists >.< We went to Chilli's in Bangsar. I ordered flame-grilled rib eye,it was great. A BIG BIG LOVE FOR THE MASHED POTATO & MY SWEET HEART NACHOS! The nachos are refillable. If you wish to have more,your wish will be granted. There's a mini celebration kinda event being held in the mall,it was the Halloween! XD The kids were so adorably cute wearing those fairy dresses,ghostly monster & devil suits. Even the parents dresses in that way! The way they dresses were awesome,I even saw a group of people dressed like the real Halloween characters in Chilli's. AWESOME. Aunty,hopefully you'll like the card! X)

Went to the BBQ party held by we PPSes after the dinner. The night was breezy & windy,very comfortable. Yesterday was a rainy day,although I don't like heavy rainy day,but I actually quite enjoyed the temperature around. Had fun talking & making jokes with friends,some of them even took ice & put into Lim Weng Zhen a.k.a. Tall man's shirt. HAHAHA! So freezily cold! Attended Puan Haris's last BM class yesterday morning. 7 in the morning! My God. I was still sleeping as I thought the class is on next Wednesday until dad came into my room shouting to wake me up telling me that I have tuition at 7 & rushed me to brush my teeth as I was already late! My beautiful morning has gone like that,sadness :'( Thanks for Puan Haris's wishes,I will do my best for sure! 

Spoooooky Halloween!

Love the gift.

I will miss all of you. 


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

#467 - To someone special ❥

Guess what? Today is another 26th. To someone special,
happy 14th month anniversary! :)

Although we can't meet each other very often,but I wanna tell you that you are always on mind. Wishing you luck & all the best for your coming presentation & assignments. Do not be panic & afraid for not covering 5 pages because I believe that the essentials are all written in both pages. As what you've said,have faith. 

Have faith my dear,I will support you always!

I love you saya cinta padamu tiamo ashiteru sarangheyo chan rak khun Te iubesc Aloha Au Ia`oe S'agapoMi amas vin  Ma armastan sind Afgreki' Je t'aime Mina rakastan sinua



Monday, October 25, 2010

#466 - Wedding dress

Attended a wedding dinner last night. The bride is my dad's little cousin sister,anyway,she is considered as my aunt,so I have no choice but to call her 'aunt'. ( it sounds so old ) Our car was stuck in an heavy traffic jam & we reached the restaurant by 8pm. The restaurant is very BIG & classy. 3 wedding dinners were being held at the same time at different 'areas',can you imagine how huge the restaurant is? Hmm...if I am not mistaken,it is called 'Golden Dragonboat Restaurant'. The car park was very full until daddy had to turned a big round to park his car at the opposite roadside.

Something terrible happened when I was preparing myself for the wedding dinner yesterday. MY GOSH! The story goes like this. I was wearing my expired contact lens because I believe that I look better without specs. I did not care much about them being expired because I thought that nothing will happen to my eyes. So,I wore them. My right eye felt nothing,it was fine. But when the second lens was attached onto my left eyeball,my eye was very painful & irritating. It became reddish immediately & I became very panic!! I have to take it out,I love my eyes,I don't want anything to happen to my eyes no matter it's the right one or the left one. So,I take it out BUT I CAN'T!!! OMG IT STICKED ONTO MY EYEBALL & I CAN'T TAKE IT OUT!!! I struggled for 10 to 20 minutes & I started to scream. I did not know what to do until mummy brought me to Yes Optical as she was worried like me as well. I ran into the shop shouting for help & at the same time explaining what's happening to my left eye. I even wore my grandma's shoe shoe! A guy ( quite handsome but erm,a lil bit short... >< I don't care! ) immediately took a look at my left eye & tadah,he helped me to take the lens out! XXD I was super delighted & PHEW! Finally I can laugh again,hahahahaha!

Alright,well dressed to the dinner. Waited for about 30 minutes for the dishes to be served. I was speechless when I saw the bride,she was very beautiful especially in that dress! She wore a white long wedding dress with a diamond crown on her hair. She looked like a princess,her hair style,make up & everything suits her very well. The bridegroom was quite good looking,but he's not that tall,he's almost same height as the bride. If he is taller,it would be great.^^ The second gaun she wore wore was a light shiny blue dress,a beautiful piece too. They look perfect together :)

Overall ,the dishes were okay,but I don't know why daddy kept saying that they were not nice,not fresh,bla bla bla. Maybe my stomach & taste buds are special,hahah :D The dinner was not boring because there were many performances like singing,'change face show' & magic show. Guess what,the 'change face' sifu was a female & the magic show was splendid! Awesome! The magician is very handsome & tall & looks a bit like Mr.Fong too! My God *fainted* I felt quite embarrassed during 'yamseng' time because I shouted very loudly... Paiseh. Owh,they looked so sweet.^^

Some pictures to share here.

Bought it yesterday.
Love the owl pendant.

Tea or me?
OPPS! Sorry,I am no longer available.

Sexy back.

Love my fury rose hair band!


Kim Yin LOVE Angela.

Very fatty.

Wine & me.




Sorry,kinda blur.

Beautiful dress + prince charming.

Wishing the newly married couple a blissful marriage,be sweet & loving everyday. Best wishes to you.

Alright,that's all for now. I love rainy day  Chow.

My dear,take care & take more rest :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

#465 - Limits,Love

To be honest,I did nothing today except eating,sleeping,watching TV & attending art class in the morning. Wow,well done!! XD *DANG!* Are you crazy?? Go bang your head with a big piece of bean curd to make yourself awake. 

Mum's friend gave us an 'old fashion' pc this afternoon,thanks a lot Mr.Woon :3 Although it's kinda outdated (I'm sorry!) but I have to say that the apps are awesome & have no difference compare with those new high tech pcies. Mr.Woon set it up with Microsoft 7 which is the newest Microsoft Word too! This makes my mummy's life easier as it is able to help her with her office works,a lot. Hooray & aligatooooooook! :D

My mind was interrupted by 'something' this morning. I couldn't focus when I was painting in the art center. Those words,those sentences,those names & ... At first,it do pissed me off. Felt like crying? I know what's happening,but there should be a limit,right? If the person knows that a relationship is going on between us,no matter it is a he or a she,the person should have known what to do & what to avoid doing. I am too sensitive,perhaps I am being too protective towards our love. I understand,friends are always joking & playing around,but I felt that there's something called blood dripping out from my heart. It feels sour & irritating. I know that it will not affect the super duper ultra very sticky strong bond between us,it's just,there's always a limit in doing anything. To his friends,I am sorry,I didn't mean it. It's not wrong or illegal,I am not stopping anything,I just wanna share the feelings with you. 

Remember,I will always be by your side. No matter what happens,you are always the first in my list. No matter when,what & where I am,I will make sure that nothing is gonna hurt you. Although I am still a secondary student wearing school uniform & you are a college student wearing whatever you like to school,but that makes no difference between me & you. I am sorry for being over dependent & intolerance sometimes,but I am lucky because my boyfriend is a tolerate & a patient man who loves me,cares for me & will do his best to fulfill my needs & wishes. Miss the time sitting on the floor discussing about buying new phones with you just now,little miss fluffy Mimi were sticking with us too,'geboh' hahah :D You suggested that we should get ourselves a pair of 'couple phone'. He is obsessed with iPhone 3Gs whereas I am in love with Sony Ericsson Satio. Since we are going to buy new ones,so we decided to buy the best of the rest. I think iPhone 3Gs will be the first choice for now,I wanna have a white one to match with your black one,the best match ever :)

Dear,please forgive me if what I've said makes you feel unhappy. No heart feelings okay? Because if you have heart feelings,I will drill a hole in your heart & crawl into your heart & shout :


A song for you. I hope you will like it :)

I love you times infinity.

Friday, October 22, 2010

#464 - When I was little

FRIDAY. School was kinda dull. Puan Thillai was the only teacher who taught us today. Finally I get to see Miss Chai. Asked her about some scholarship stuffs & we talked a lot. Felt like crying during the counseling session,but she did comforted me a lot. We can't predict what will happen in the future,so I'd better do what I have to do & not to waste any of my precious time anymore,as what she said,set myself a target & get started to work on it without fear or having any negative thoughts. Not to forget,relax my mind whenever I need to do so. I am too pressurized,peer pressure? My problem? Maybe.

Chit-chatted a lot with friends today. We talked about our primary school life & the 'kiddy' songs we sang. Not to say kiddy,it's like...we sang those songs when we were little. For example,our primary school song,red dragonfly,sport's day song,friends,happy heaven etc. Memories,flashbacks,those moments came to me like waves beside the beach,come & go,come & go. I can still remember some incidents which happened during my primary school life but not each & every single pieces. And now,my secondary school life will be ended in no time. Thinking of the past few years,how immature & dependent I was. Young now I'm still,but I feel that I have become a more mature lady after being through these 5 years. I think I might cry on the graduation day,but I know that I am heading to a better future :)

Some of my friends told me that they are not going to miss the school,but I bet they will change their mind sooner or later,I believe everybody does :) I think I might cry on graduation day,just like how rapidly my tears rolled down from my eyes when the graduation song was being played on my previous graduation day. I can still remember that I was hugging my form teacher & crying non-stop at that moment. I have failed to control myself. But this time,I promise myself that I will enjoy the very last moment snapping pics acting crazy fooling around high pitched screaming hugging kissing my dearly friends like a koala bear.

Let's listen to 'Guaduation' by Vitamin C. Feel the love,feel the lyrics,feel the heart. Enjoy.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

#463 - Lazy Diva

Here I am,blogging again. Doesn't feel like schooling today so I decided to have a day off,hah! If I am not mistaken,there're only 35 days left before SPM is officially started,or 34? Mr.Fong,my tuition tutor keep encouraging us to stay at home and study as there is always a high chance & percentage of chit-chatting with friends in school instead of revising. Yeap,that's quite very so true.

Advantages of skipping school :                                                                                     

Firstly,you can get to sleep longer. Secondly,you will feel less energetic when you woke up early in the morning & that will interrupt your study mind. Thirdly,you will have more time to do your work & you can eat whenever you want. At least there's no need to hide your face from the teacher's sight when you are eating in the class. Forthly,you can save your ear from listening to the teachers' hipnosis (some). The fifth one,I am having 2 tuition classes today so my Wednesdays are normally tiring & exhausting. Next,you will be able to read the newspapers while enjoying your breakfast & listening to the chirping birdies in the morning. Besides,when you are in a good mood,your excretory system will be automatically happy & *ehem* toilet time. See,this is a healthy way of lifestyle. I like the school time table of America or England which the classes start at 8am or 9am. Their recess times are much more longer than ours. This is so not fair,hmph >.<

He gave me an apple & I gave him a bottle of sugar cane drink when he's going to college just now. AN APPLE A DAY,KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY ; A BOTTLE OF LOVE A DAY,KEEPS YOUR MOOD HAPPY EVERYDAY :D my dear,we look AWESOME together!

I think I have met you in my dream last few nights.
Heartz,Hugs & kisses

Monday, October 18, 2010

#462 - Today I'm sad

Cried in school. Feeling depressed,helpless,hopeless. Right deep down inside my heart,I know that I cannot achieve what I aimed,but out of my expectation,I did even worse than what I thought. Was trying my best to hide my feelings in school & yet I comforted my friends,not myself. I don't know,I am confused. Am I being too positive or too negative? At first,I don't know what expressions my face should have,then,I was lost. Before that,I expect myself to do better in that particular subject as I had confidence. But now,I don't think there's any left. 

I need some happy pills.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

#461 - oh look,she's back!

Finally,my maid is back! XD Without her,all of us had been suffering especially my mum. She has to do the household chores after work every single night. Kakak told her that she has become thin in the airport just now. I feel bad. I should have been helping her. I would like to! But my skin is sensitive to detergent & alkaline substances,whenever I do the dishes,my palms & fingers will start to become itchy & the skin will come off. my hands will become scaly & rough,I cannot stand it. & now,kakak has come home. I am happy that mummy can have some good night sleeps,finally! :D 

Guess what,my maid is now a grandma XD She has a baby grand-daughter aged 20 days. If I'm not mistaken,her name is 'Nada'. Owhh,what a sweet name :) Kakak is same age with my dad which is XX years old *shhh secret* My dad's first daughter is now only 17 & she has a grand-daughter aged 20 days. Imagine I have just delivered to a 20 days old baby girl. Oh my *faint* O.O A big difference,yeah I know. Anyhow,CONGRATULATIONS to my kakak for being a grandmother! I know that she misses her family,she hadn't been talking a lot today,perhaps she is tired as she hadn't been sleeping when she's on the way going to Indonesia's airport from her kampung,Bandung. Rest earlier today kak,you still have to wake up early to wake up up tomorrow.

Daddy was planning to treat us with Dimsum as breakfast this morning before fetching kakak. Unfortunately,we couldn't find the restaurant,maybe the owner has stopped his or her business or he or she has moved his or her restaurant to some other place. So,we were 'forced' to have our breakfast at a mamak stall nearby. The food there are not as nice as Maluri's. I prefer our very own stall,the 'far far away mamak stall',BOO you! Heheh sorry :P

I have no idea what's happening to my Steph-FM. is undergoing some problems now so I have to change the website to I did it,but the songs cannot play themselves automatically. I have edited the settings as well,but nothing happened. GRRRRR what are you doing my mixpod??! Oh yeah,I wanna share this new song with you guys,it's 'true love' by Katy Perry & Kesha. My God

I love Katy Perry X100000000 

Shall say byebye now,off to the toilet. Chow.

Tomorrow will be a better day,I believe. 

Friday, October 15, 2010

#460 - BOO!

Spotted the countdown board in school today,39 days left. O.O I gotta work very hard,I'm not gonna make myself regret. Finally,we are all officially 'retired' as the AJKs' of PPS board for 2009/2010. Feelings went deep down into my heart,I am going to leave school very soon. I looked around the school compound,the trees,the tables,the flags,the morning sky,the teachers & the students. Next year onwards,5A's line will be substituted by 4A students,I can't imagine how fast the time flows. Mr.Tham told us that Hari Restu will be held on 12th November which is about a month more to go. Graduation day... Hopefully the new AJK board will lead PPS to become better & more cheerful,all the best :)   

We've got our Moral paper back,I'm happy with my marks but I know that I can do better. *HWAITING! GO GO GO WITH LOVE!!* We did an experiment during Chemistry periods today,it's a soap making experiment. The residue was oily & creamy powder like,the 'solvent' was gross,ewww :X It smells like soya bean,really. Something VERY HORRIBLE happened today -- the school has changed our time table. MY GOD! IT'S KILLING US! We will be having 4 PERIODS of CHEMISTRY on Tuesday & 3 PERIODS of Sejarah on Thursday. 4 periods of Chemistry,what the helicopter??! I cannot stand listening to his hypnosis (I'm sorry sir!) & I really hate the stools. They hurt. Many of my friends have planned not to attend to school next Tuesday but I've decided to do a 'survey' first,hahah. Besides,they have taken off our PJ periods! STUPID! Puan Amutha is going to teach us yoga next week,we have rights to have PJ periods,I don't understand why the school is doing this. We will go mad,I am not bluffing. If you think that sitting in the class doing exercises & listen to the teachers teaching every single day,hour,minute & second is the best way to train us in getting as much As' as we can,you are wrong. A BIG 'X' TO YOU! BOO!

Had a date with Chai after school & we met Xinyan,Carmen,Sweetyee & Catherine. We ate at the same stall but we didn't sit together,that was so weird! XD Wanted to eat ice kacang badly,unfortunately,the 'ice kacang aunty' wasn't there. HMPH,where were you aunty? 

Went to Ling Sze's house yesterday & we've planned to play Wii,but her mum brought us to Jusco because she wanted to buy something & she needed accompaniment. Pear pear & I were so childish & we went to play with the kiddies' mini stools & chairs =.= After hanging around without any direction,finally we have made up our mind to eat sushi. Yes,Sushi King was having a promotion,2 bucks per dish,how cheap! Due to the long queue,we have decided to buy sushi in Jusco & ate at the food court. Pearly can only eat chicken wings well,she do not know how to eat with her hands properly & she have wasted her sushi because they were being dropped here & there. Aiyoyo~ :O When we were heading to get her mum's car,suddenly her mum whispered something beside my right ear,I was really shocked with what she've 'discussed that' with me. Hahah! X3 Then,aunty treated us with ice kacang as the weather was too hot,'beh tahan'! >.<

*Yummy! Thumbs up*

*2 chickens fighting on the bed*

Looks like I will be having long posts every Friday,a 'tradition' huh? Alright,gotta go,chow peeps.

Have a sweet weekend,xoxo.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

#459 - TERponteng

Okay,I did not attend to school today with the reason 'I couldn't open my eyes when I woke up in the morning'. That's true,I'm not lying,I really couldn't open my eyes because I was really tired. I was beat. So,I decided to continue sleeping in order recharge myself besides satisfying my laziness :P Besides,I'm having 2 tuition classes today,they are tiring! Somehow,I think that people who have been graduated from secondary school have more freedom to do things they want because they need not to attend tuition classes like us. As you can see,many parents are sending their kids to tuition classes & I strongly believe that more than 80% of the students are doing this. This is becoming a trend,everybody has to follow it up,otherwise the person will noted as 'OUTDATED'

There's a story here. When I was having Physics & Biology with Mr.Fong last night,he had a phone call from a madame requesting for a seat for her form 3-just-done-with-his-PMR-business-child. She is preparing him to go for the next 'hell' stage without letting him having a chance to breathe or enjoy his student-teenage life. MY GOD. That's sad. Nway,although trial is over,but I am not letting myself relaxing over the limit. I wanna start preparing myself,for 8 As',for the scholarship,for my future. What are you waitin' for?


BUT before that,I wanna do something crazy,


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

#458 - Finally,it ends

I've been through 12 days of hell & finally,I'm happy to announce that --


Alright,there's nothing to be very happy about,SPM's still right there waiting for us. Nway,I am glad that I can have goodnight sleeps for several weeks before SPM. Hahah :D The exam has tortured me for that long,I should take a rest,pity my brain. 

People,42 days left (if I'm not mistaken) & we're going to graduate & sit for the very last & final exam in our secondary school life. Loads of memorable things had happened throughout this 5 years. Tears & laughters,friends & family. I swear that I will not forget our school's toilet,its 'sweet scent' & blockages are unforgettable. Oh well,shall talk about it sooner or later. I have no idea whether the others will miss our school or not,but I will. Um,it's not my dream school (of course not) but that's where I get to know myself deeper & better & to learn socializing with friends & people. Have been walking home since 15,no transport but a pair of no.'11' bus. At first,I did feel annoyed walking alone under the horrible hawt sun but without this chance,I don't think I can get any greater opportunity to do some exercises,hahah :P 

Had Physics paper 3 today which was a kinda shocking one. Out of my expectations,CRO came out. GOD =.= I was like squeezing my brain to think of how to find the wavelength thingy for 5 minutes,I was unsure with the answers & keep 'owh my Gad!' in my mind. Glad that it's over,it's over. Dear,let's go makan after this as a mini celebration yea :P Btw,the weather these days are frea'queen' hot. I can feel the heat in my body although I drank lotza water,unlike him. Hey dear,I saw your bottle last Friday & it was 'quite' full. For your sake,please drink a lot of water & make it as a habit kay,do not fall sick,otherwise,I'LL KILL YA. You's better watch out. *wink*

Drew something before I sleep last night,it's my piece of design,copyright reserved*  Take a look & may leave some comments :)

How's it?

*Camwhored at the same time,teehee~*

Can have a good night sleep tonight.
Finally :)

Shall blog again next time,my eyes are tired already I guess. For those who're sitting for their Account paper 1,good luck & all the best. For the form 3 young fellas',congratz & have a blast after PMR. & for those who have finished their trial,c'mon,let's have a sweet dream tonight. SLEEP! XD


I wanna see you smile :)


Sunday, October 10, 2010

#457 - 10/10/10

Today is a very special day because... Erm,actually there's nothing special about today,it's just the triplets -- have you spot the date today? Yeap. According to we Chinese,today is a lucky day to get married. (oh sheath I've just hurted an innocent ant,I'm sorry,please don't die!)  Back to the topic. So,many couples have decided to get married today as this date is easy to be remembered,um & to prevent any short term memory lost for their anniversaries in the future :D I woke up earlier 'accidentally' this morning =.= Due to the horns,'pit-pit-pit-pit~~',the bridegroom & his 'brothers' fault! They keep on pressing the horn like mad people until I woke up! When I looked the clock,it was just 7.40am! My God,I wish I could sleep longer. Okayyy,I'm still blogging here although I still have 2 chaps left. I'M GOING TO BE SO DEAD. *tap wood*




Saturday, October 9, 2010

#456 - I just couldn't understand why

We had 2 sport checks within 3 days,'how cool'.
Puan Samini took the sweets he gave me!
(I should have hide them inside my p**)
 *tears* ;(


                                     I need a cupcake. I want something sweet right now.                                         

Cupcake makes me happy.

:( sad face for Physics

Friday, October 8, 2010

#455 - I'm losing myself

Exam was...overall,not too bad. We had History papers today (thank God it's over) & I believe that most of us have got tips in hand. I feel bad & guilty,yet I'm selfish at the same time,but I have to do what I have to. What has been done has been done,let it go & I might be feelin' a lil better. 

The one & only subject left - PHYSICS. I'm not saying that I hate it,but I do not like it either. I thought that what I dislike was Chemistry but I was wrong,I think I might be 'liking' it :)  Things happened this week were shocking. ZIYING scares me A LOT. First,she almost fainted in front of me on Wednesday before we enter our class. Next,her nose was bleeding in sudden & she's sitting in front of me & I was like giving her my handkerchief but I ended up dropped it onto the floor & I started gettin' panic. BLOOD! I feel geli whenever I see blood :X I'm not scared of blood,its' just that,it kinda 'irritates' my heart. *ZIYING,TAKE CARE!*

Went to Ting's house for dinner last Saturday with Chai & Kalye. Next time,I'll have to wear an armor before I step into her house =.=  She banged me,I banged her,the table banged me,I banged the very hard table & she accidentally WET my whole pants with her full glass of sweet cincau! ARGH!!! I was on a call & I was like,why do I feel wet bottom & O.O! My God,I've turned into a Cincau girl. Hahah,Ting,remember to buy me an armor! XD Pics of food were taken btw.

Western night.

'Meehhhhh' chop!!!


Miss Chai.
*kononnya Micky's wife* XD

Dad brought back 3 little muffins last Sunday. Gosh they're so cute & pretty & sweet & adorable.  THAT IS WHY I LOVE MUFFINS! 

Nah,here you go :3

I had the middle one <3

Look at the details.

*Olive's lovely cupcakes*

You want? NO WAY :P

Feeling tired these days especially yesterday. I slept at 1am & I've set the alarm to wake me up at 4.15am. I think I did woke up & my mind wasn't. The hypothesis is -- my  ears received soundwaves. It interprets the sound & sends nerve impulses via afferent neurone. After interchanging them in the interneurones,the impulses were sent to the effector & my hand went turning off the alarm. BUT my brain was still sleeping! Eventually,I did not wake up & I got shock when I was awake & looked at the clock : 'OH NO! IT'S 6!'.

Things will be better,right? Another different case -- I'm happy with what's going on soon.

That's all for now,wow,is this post looooooong? I don't know :S
Chow people!
Good luck in the last 3 papers.
Ladies,let's have a 'mask' party after exam. 
(male homo-sapiens are not allow to participate XD)

Conclusion : EXAM KILLS.

 cracking process,allow me ;I