Friday, October 8, 2010

#455 - I'm losing myself

Exam was...overall,not too bad. We had History papers today (thank God it's over) & I believe that most of us have got tips in hand. I feel bad & guilty,yet I'm selfish at the same time,but I have to do what I have to. What has been done has been done,let it go & I might be feelin' a lil better. 

The one & only subject left - PHYSICS. I'm not saying that I hate it,but I do not like it either. I thought that what I dislike was Chemistry but I was wrong,I think I might be 'liking' it :)  Things happened this week were shocking. ZIYING scares me A LOT. First,she almost fainted in front of me on Wednesday before we enter our class. Next,her nose was bleeding in sudden & she's sitting in front of me & I was like giving her my handkerchief but I ended up dropped it onto the floor & I started gettin' panic. BLOOD! I feel geli whenever I see blood :X I'm not scared of blood,its' just that,it kinda 'irritates' my heart. *ZIYING,TAKE CARE!*

Went to Ting's house for dinner last Saturday with Chai & Kalye. Next time,I'll have to wear an armor before I step into her house =.=  She banged me,I banged her,the table banged me,I banged the very hard table & she accidentally WET my whole pants with her full glass of sweet cincau! ARGH!!! I was on a call & I was like,why do I feel wet bottom & O.O! My God,I've turned into a Cincau girl. Hahah,Ting,remember to buy me an armor! XD Pics of food were taken btw.

Western night.

'Meehhhhh' chop!!!


Miss Chai.
*kononnya Micky's wife* XD

Dad brought back 3 little muffins last Sunday. Gosh they're so cute & pretty & sweet & adorable.  THAT IS WHY I LOVE MUFFINS! 

Nah,here you go :3

I had the middle one <3

Look at the details.

*Olive's lovely cupcakes*

You want? NO WAY :P

Feeling tired these days especially yesterday. I slept at 1am & I've set the alarm to wake me up at 4.15am. I think I did woke up & my mind wasn't. The hypothesis is -- my  ears received soundwaves. It interprets the sound & sends nerve impulses via afferent neurone. After interchanging them in the interneurones,the impulses were sent to the effector & my hand went turning off the alarm. BUT my brain was still sleeping! Eventually,I did not wake up & I got shock when I was awake & looked at the clock : 'OH NO! IT'S 6!'.

Things will be better,right? Another different case -- I'm happy with what's going on soon.

That's all for now,wow,is this post looooooong? I don't know :S
Chow people!
Good luck in the last 3 papers.
Ladies,let's have a 'mask' party after exam. 
(male homo-sapiens are not allow to participate XD)

Conclusion : EXAM KILLS.

 cracking process,allow me ;I                                                                                          

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