Wednesday, October 20, 2010

#463 - Lazy Diva

Here I am,blogging again. Doesn't feel like schooling today so I decided to have a day off,hah! If I am not mistaken,there're only 35 days left before SPM is officially started,or 34? Mr.Fong,my tuition tutor keep encouraging us to stay at home and study as there is always a high chance & percentage of chit-chatting with friends in school instead of revising. Yeap,that's quite very so true.

Advantages of skipping school :                                                                                     

Firstly,you can get to sleep longer. Secondly,you will feel less energetic when you woke up early in the morning & that will interrupt your study mind. Thirdly,you will have more time to do your work & you can eat whenever you want. At least there's no need to hide your face from the teacher's sight when you are eating in the class. Forthly,you can save your ear from listening to the teachers' hipnosis (some). The fifth one,I am having 2 tuition classes today so my Wednesdays are normally tiring & exhausting. Next,you will be able to read the newspapers while enjoying your breakfast & listening to the chirping birdies in the morning. Besides,when you are in a good mood,your excretory system will be automatically happy & *ehem* toilet time. See,this is a healthy way of lifestyle. I like the school time table of America or England which the classes start at 8am or 9am. Their recess times are much more longer than ours. This is so not fair,hmph >.<

He gave me an apple & I gave him a bottle of sugar cane drink when he's going to college just now. AN APPLE A DAY,KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY ; A BOTTLE OF LOVE A DAY,KEEPS YOUR MOOD HAPPY EVERYDAY :D my dear,we look AWESOME together!

I think I have met you in my dream last few nights.
Heartz,Hugs & kisses

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