Monday, October 25, 2010

#466 - Wedding dress

Attended a wedding dinner last night. The bride is my dad's little cousin sister,anyway,she is considered as my aunt,so I have no choice but to call her 'aunt'. ( it sounds so old ) Our car was stuck in an heavy traffic jam & we reached the restaurant by 8pm. The restaurant is very BIG & classy. 3 wedding dinners were being held at the same time at different 'areas',can you imagine how huge the restaurant is? Hmm...if I am not mistaken,it is called 'Golden Dragonboat Restaurant'. The car park was very full until daddy had to turned a big round to park his car at the opposite roadside.

Something terrible happened when I was preparing myself for the wedding dinner yesterday. MY GOSH! The story goes like this. I was wearing my expired contact lens because I believe that I look better without specs. I did not care much about them being expired because I thought that nothing will happen to my eyes. So,I wore them. My right eye felt nothing,it was fine. But when the second lens was attached onto my left eyeball,my eye was very painful & irritating. It became reddish immediately & I became very panic!! I have to take it out,I love my eyes,I don't want anything to happen to my eyes no matter it's the right one or the left one. So,I take it out BUT I CAN'T!!! OMG IT STICKED ONTO MY EYEBALL & I CAN'T TAKE IT OUT!!! I struggled for 10 to 20 minutes & I started to scream. I did not know what to do until mummy brought me to Yes Optical as she was worried like me as well. I ran into the shop shouting for help & at the same time explaining what's happening to my left eye. I even wore my grandma's shoe shoe! A guy ( quite handsome but erm,a lil bit short... >< I don't care! ) immediately took a look at my left eye & tadah,he helped me to take the lens out! XXD I was super delighted & PHEW! Finally I can laugh again,hahahahaha!

Alright,well dressed to the dinner. Waited for about 30 minutes for the dishes to be served. I was speechless when I saw the bride,she was very beautiful especially in that dress! She wore a white long wedding dress with a diamond crown on her hair. She looked like a princess,her hair style,make up & everything suits her very well. The bridegroom was quite good looking,but he's not that tall,he's almost same height as the bride. If he is taller,it would be great.^^ The second gaun she wore wore was a light shiny blue dress,a beautiful piece too. They look perfect together :)

Overall ,the dishes were okay,but I don't know why daddy kept saying that they were not nice,not fresh,bla bla bla. Maybe my stomach & taste buds are special,hahah :D The dinner was not boring because there were many performances like singing,'change face show' & magic show. Guess what,the 'change face' sifu was a female & the magic show was splendid! Awesome! The magician is very handsome & tall & looks a bit like Mr.Fong too! My God *fainted* I felt quite embarrassed during 'yamseng' time because I shouted very loudly... Paiseh. Owh,they looked so sweet.^^

Some pictures to share here.

Bought it yesterday.
Love the owl pendant.

Tea or me?
OPPS! Sorry,I am no longer available.

Sexy back.

Love my fury rose hair band!


Kim Yin LOVE Angela.

Very fatty.

Wine & me.




Sorry,kinda blur.

Beautiful dress + prince charming.

Wishing the newly married couple a blissful marriage,be sweet & loving everyday. Best wishes to you.

Alright,that's all for now. I love rainy day  Chow.

My dear,take care & take more rest :)

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  1. Congrats to your aunt and her husband too =) sweet sweet