Friday, October 1, 2010


Ahoy! Finally,I've changed my blogskin. Wanted to change it because I've bored looking at the previous one each day. Nway,I LOVE THIS SKIN I will not change it for a 'moment' I guess,yeah,I promise :)  Well,I've not been updating my blog for a week,so I decided to blog something today. Hmm...Let's get started with last Friday night.

As I have mentioned before,I went overnight at Emily's house. I wanna study at that night but my condition wasn't that good as my eyes were both painful and reddish. I couldn't focus looking at the words and I felt very + exhausted. Her mum prepared some 'anti-heat' drink and thanks for the crysanthenium auntie!♥  Woke up at 8am in the next morning and she,was still sleeping like a pig. EMIPIG!  Oh yea,I was awake in the midnight because 'someone' punched me with her arms... =.= yea it's you honey,don't deny. I was very scared when she was 'sleep talking'. OH MY GOD O.O I think that she was dreaming because she said 'I want...' Hahah,how cute but scary! XD  Nah,pictures taken as proof,she's a sleeping princess.

It's red & irritating :X

Sleeping beauty XP



Attended Uncle Larry's very last class this Monday. He's not going back to America yet but his wife wants to go travel around in Malaysia so he stops teaching earlier. I will miss him ;( Nway,as I have requested,he gave me a mini pack of Koko Krunch! Thanks hahah! X3

Exam was...depends. Some weren't that tough but some were. Add Maths paper 1's terrible,horrible. I don't know why I cried before Add Maths peper 2 starts...embarassing... :(  My head was spinning like Mary-go-round cuz I woke up at 3.15am in order to continue with Add Maths. After that,I couldn't tolerate with the tiredness so I decided to sleep for an hour. But at last,I slept until 6.30am =.= 

Hopefully everything will be alright. The next killing subject is -- BIOLOGY. My God it's paper 1 & 2. Wish me luck. Good luck my friends,all the best. ^^

Dinner time,chow ♥



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