Wednesday, October 13, 2010

#459 - TERponteng

Okay,I did not attend to school today with the reason 'I couldn't open my eyes when I woke up in the morning'. That's true,I'm not lying,I really couldn't open my eyes because I was really tired. I was beat. So,I decided to continue sleeping in order recharge myself besides satisfying my laziness :P Besides,I'm having 2 tuition classes today,they are tiring! Somehow,I think that people who have been graduated from secondary school have more freedom to do things they want because they need not to attend tuition classes like us. As you can see,many parents are sending their kids to tuition classes & I strongly believe that more than 80% of the students are doing this. This is becoming a trend,everybody has to follow it up,otherwise the person will noted as 'OUTDATED'

There's a story here. When I was having Physics & Biology with Mr.Fong last night,he had a phone call from a madame requesting for a seat for her form 3-just-done-with-his-PMR-business-child. She is preparing him to go for the next 'hell' stage without letting him having a chance to breathe or enjoy his student-teenage life. MY GOD. That's sad. Nway,although trial is over,but I am not letting myself relaxing over the limit. I wanna start preparing myself,for 8 As',for the scholarship,for my future. What are you waitin' for?


BUT before that,I wanna do something crazy,


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