Sunday, October 31, 2010

#468 - Farewell party & party & party

Have been abandoning my bloggie for several days. Many things had happened in this week,it's time to write something now,I don't want my blog to be covered by layers of dust. 

I brought my DSLR to school this Friday as there's an important event being held on that particular day which was our one & only Majlis Perpisahan PPS 2009/2010. After recess time,Emily brought it to her class to snap some funny pictures. POOR Shan Hoe,he was the 'star' on that day! XD 5B guys are 'famous' for 'taking off activities' & he was very unfortunately for becoming the victim of the day. The big gang 'lay' him down on the floor & started to take his shoes,socks & tie off. They almost took his pants off! HAHAHA!! Pics were taken but I'm lazy to upload it. If you were at the scene,I am sure that you will burst out laughing non stop. After that,something happaned... Mr.Kumar wanted to see the person who brought the camera. My heartbeat increased & I started to become panic. I don't know what to do until LK & Joel accompanied me to see him. PHEW,luckily he was just warning me not to take pics during PNP periods. Will be uploading Shan Hoe's super duper pics when I am in the mood.

Next,we had MAJLIS PERPISAHAN on Friday as well. Chai & I promised each other not to cry before the event starts,but we didn't make it. The event starts with prize giving ceremony & Puan Hamidah's speech. After that,there were some video slides. Memories started to rewind,I could hardly believe that I am now really leaving school & my fellow librarians. Before that,my PPS friends & I was the one who prepare the events,the food,the performances & the games. Now,I was the one who was going through the same thing which our ex-seniors have gone through. Those flashbacks,those pictures will be my memory in my heart forever. I've become a librarian since I was in form 1. I straight became an AJK after that until now. From Ketua Sesi Petang to AJK Keceriaan & lastly to Penolong Setiausaha,I have learnt things & gained experiences by holding those poses. They make me confident towards myself & my ability to become a leader. What made me cried,or I should say 'who made me cry' was -- miss Ling Xin Yan. I kept controlling my tears but I've failed at last. The performances were touching,thanks to all of you who made me such a wonderful memory to be remembered. PPS,WE ARE THE BEST!

Yesterday was my boy friend's mother's birthday. I've made her a card :) When she asked me to join the dinner,I was happy but at the same time feeling unsure as I scared that I will interrupt she & her son's dinner but she insists >.< We went to Chilli's in Bangsar. I ordered flame-grilled rib eye,it was great. A BIG BIG LOVE FOR THE MASHED POTATO & MY SWEET HEART NACHOS! The nachos are refillable. If you wish to have more,your wish will be granted. There's a mini celebration kinda event being held in the mall,it was the Halloween! XD The kids were so adorably cute wearing those fairy dresses,ghostly monster & devil suits. Even the parents dresses in that way! The way they dresses were awesome,I even saw a group of people dressed like the real Halloween characters in Chilli's. AWESOME. Aunty,hopefully you'll like the card! X)

Went to the BBQ party held by we PPSes after the dinner. The night was breezy & windy,very comfortable. Yesterday was a rainy day,although I don't like heavy rainy day,but I actually quite enjoyed the temperature around. Had fun talking & making jokes with friends,some of them even took ice & put into Lim Weng Zhen a.k.a. Tall man's shirt. HAHAHA! So freezily cold! Attended Puan Haris's last BM class yesterday morning. 7 in the morning! My God. I was still sleeping as I thought the class is on next Wednesday until dad came into my room shouting to wake me up telling me that I have tuition at 7 & rushed me to brush my teeth as I was already late! My beautiful morning has gone like that,sadness :'( Thanks for Puan Haris's wishes,I will do my best for sure! 

Spoooooky Halloween!

Love the gift.

I will miss all of you. 


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