Saturday, October 23, 2010

#465 - Limits,Love

To be honest,I did nothing today except eating,sleeping,watching TV & attending art class in the morning. Wow,well done!! XD *DANG!* Are you crazy?? Go bang your head with a big piece of bean curd to make yourself awake. 

Mum's friend gave us an 'old fashion' pc this afternoon,thanks a lot Mr.Woon :3 Although it's kinda outdated (I'm sorry!) but I have to say that the apps are awesome & have no difference compare with those new high tech pcies. Mr.Woon set it up with Microsoft 7 which is the newest Microsoft Word too! This makes my mummy's life easier as it is able to help her with her office works,a lot. Hooray & aligatooooooook! :D

My mind was interrupted by 'something' this morning. I couldn't focus when I was painting in the art center. Those words,those sentences,those names & ... At first,it do pissed me off. Felt like crying? I know what's happening,but there should be a limit,right? If the person knows that a relationship is going on between us,no matter it is a he or a she,the person should have known what to do & what to avoid doing. I am too sensitive,perhaps I am being too protective towards our love. I understand,friends are always joking & playing around,but I felt that there's something called blood dripping out from my heart. It feels sour & irritating. I know that it will not affect the super duper ultra very sticky strong bond between us,it's just,there's always a limit in doing anything. To his friends,I am sorry,I didn't mean it. It's not wrong or illegal,I am not stopping anything,I just wanna share the feelings with you. 

Remember,I will always be by your side. No matter what happens,you are always the first in my list. No matter when,what & where I am,I will make sure that nothing is gonna hurt you. Although I am still a secondary student wearing school uniform & you are a college student wearing whatever you like to school,but that makes no difference between me & you. I am sorry for being over dependent & intolerance sometimes,but I am lucky because my boyfriend is a tolerate & a patient man who loves me,cares for me & will do his best to fulfill my needs & wishes. Miss the time sitting on the floor discussing about buying new phones with you just now,little miss fluffy Mimi were sticking with us too,'geboh' hahah :D You suggested that we should get ourselves a pair of 'couple phone'. He is obsessed with iPhone 3Gs whereas I am in love with Sony Ericsson Satio. Since we are going to buy new ones,so we decided to buy the best of the rest. I think iPhone 3Gs will be the first choice for now,I wanna have a white one to match with your black one,the best match ever :)

Dear,please forgive me if what I've said makes you feel unhappy. No heart feelings okay? Because if you have heart feelings,I will drill a hole in your heart & crawl into your heart & shout :


A song for you. I hope you will like it :)

I love you times infinity.

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