Monday, October 4, 2010

#453 - Sheath,BIO

Okay,so we have our business done with Biology first & second paper today. Overall,they weren't that bad. I hate paper 2 section B number 8 stupid urine question!! DUH. I did study & I swear that I do remember the contents of the kidney part. But when I flipped through the question paper before the exam starts,I was like,'Oh my God,ultrafiltration,absorbtion or reabsorbtion,and what's the other one??! Absorbtion or reabsorbtion??!!' I started to become panic,oh no,oh no. Um...Paper 1 was,there were kinda lots of 50/50-ies,that seemed to be right but the other one seemed to be correct as well,ah,gimme a big piece of bean curd,I wanna bang my head onto it.

Finally,I get to meet with him today.^^ It has been a week we hadn't seen each other & I feel kinda... I MISS HIM. Exam's going on right now & I have to stay focus on my studies,but I couldn't stop myself from missing him,he keeps appearing in my mind. Hahah,my dear is so powerful :D 

We spent our time together for the whole afternoon & I got back home quite late :X Before that,I didn't know that female dogs are like humans,they have menstruations too! I knew that last Saturday night & I was like 'HUH?!' Mimi my sweetiepie has become a lady oh,hahah,jangan manja my boy yea...^^ Helped him a lot today,that's my idea ah,copyright ah,that's my piece of work ah,so thank me if it's accepted & you're praised. HAHAH XP

Obviously,I am not in the mood to study. Nway,I will force myself to do so because I haven't started Chemistry & Sejarah yet ( Not even a little T_______T ). I am scared,I am terrified,but I try not to think about it. I am lying at myself that everything is going to be okay?? Ahh,don't be so naive,shut the door up & study. Yeah,that's my girl. Okayyy,that's all & I'll abandon my bloggie until this Friday.

ALL THE BEST & GOOD LUCK,my fellow friends.

P.S. -- good luck to ALL form 3 student who are sitting for PMR! GAMBADEH X)

Good luck,my brother.


i'm scared ;(


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