Sunday, October 17, 2010

#461 - oh look,she's back!

Finally,my maid is back! XD Without her,all of us had been suffering especially my mum. She has to do the household chores after work every single night. Kakak told her that she has become thin in the airport just now. I feel bad. I should have been helping her. I would like to! But my skin is sensitive to detergent & alkaline substances,whenever I do the dishes,my palms & fingers will start to become itchy & the skin will come off. my hands will become scaly & rough,I cannot stand it. & now,kakak has come home. I am happy that mummy can have some good night sleeps,finally! :D 

Guess what,my maid is now a grandma XD She has a baby grand-daughter aged 20 days. If I'm not mistaken,her name is 'Nada'. Owhh,what a sweet name :) Kakak is same age with my dad which is XX years old *shhh secret* My dad's first daughter is now only 17 & she has a grand-daughter aged 20 days. Imagine I have just delivered to a 20 days old baby girl. Oh my *faint* O.O A big difference,yeah I know. Anyhow,CONGRATULATIONS to my kakak for being a grandmother! I know that she misses her family,she hadn't been talking a lot today,perhaps she is tired as she hadn't been sleeping when she's on the way going to Indonesia's airport from her kampung,Bandung. Rest earlier today kak,you still have to wake up early to wake up up tomorrow.

Daddy was planning to treat us with Dimsum as breakfast this morning before fetching kakak. Unfortunately,we couldn't find the restaurant,maybe the owner has stopped his or her business or he or she has moved his or her restaurant to some other place. So,we were 'forced' to have our breakfast at a mamak stall nearby. The food there are not as nice as Maluri's. I prefer our very own stall,the 'far far away mamak stall',BOO you! Heheh sorry :P

I have no idea what's happening to my Steph-FM. is undergoing some problems now so I have to change the website to I did it,but the songs cannot play themselves automatically. I have edited the settings as well,but nothing happened. GRRRRR what are you doing my mixpod??! Oh yeah,I wanna share this new song with you guys,it's 'true love' by Katy Perry & Kesha. My God

I love Katy Perry X100000000 

Shall say byebye now,off to the toilet. Chow.

Tomorrow will be a better day,I believe. 

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