Tuesday, October 12, 2010

#458 - Finally,it ends

I've been through 12 days of hell & finally,I'm happy to announce that --


Alright,there's nothing to be very happy about,SPM's still right there waiting for us. Nway,I am glad that I can have goodnight sleeps for several weeks before SPM. Hahah :D The exam has tortured me for that long,I should take a rest,pity my brain. 

People,42 days left (if I'm not mistaken) & we're going to graduate & sit for the very last & final exam in our secondary school life. Loads of memorable things had happened throughout this 5 years. Tears & laughters,friends & family. I swear that I will not forget our school's toilet,its 'sweet scent' & blockages are unforgettable. Oh well,shall talk about it sooner or later. I have no idea whether the others will miss our school or not,but I will. Um,it's not my dream school (of course not) but that's where I get to know myself deeper & better & to learn socializing with friends & people. Have been walking home since 15,no transport but a pair of no.'11' bus. At first,I did feel annoyed walking alone under the horrible hawt sun but without this chance,I don't think I can get any greater opportunity to do some exercises,hahah :P 

Had Physics paper 3 today which was a kinda shocking one. Out of my expectations,CRO came out. GOD =.= I was like squeezing my brain to think of how to find the wavelength thingy for 5 minutes,I was unsure with the answers & keep 'owh my Gad!' in my mind. Glad that it's over,it's over. Dear,let's go makan after this as a mini celebration yea :P Btw,the weather these days are frea'queen' hot. I can feel the heat in my body although I drank lotza water,unlike him. Hey dear,I saw your bottle last Friday & it was 'quite' full. For your sake,please drink a lot of water & make it as a habit kay,do not fall sick,otherwise,I'LL KILL YA. You's better watch out. *wink*

Drew something before I sleep last night,it's my piece of design,copyright reserved*  Take a look & may leave some comments :)

How's it?

*Camwhored at the same time,teehee~*

Can have a good night sleep tonight.
Finally :)

Shall blog again next time,my eyes are tired already I guess. For those who're sitting for their Account paper 1,good luck & all the best. For the form 3 young fellas',congratz & have a blast after PMR. & for those who have finished their trial,c'mon,let's have a sweet dream tonight. SLEEP! XD


I wanna see you smile :)


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