Friday, October 15, 2010

#460 - BOO!

Spotted the countdown board in school today,39 days left. O.O I gotta work very hard,I'm not gonna make myself regret. Finally,we are all officially 'retired' as the AJKs' of PPS board for 2009/2010. Feelings went deep down into my heart,I am going to leave school very soon. I looked around the school compound,the trees,the tables,the flags,the morning sky,the teachers & the students. Next year onwards,5A's line will be substituted by 4A students,I can't imagine how fast the time flows. Mr.Tham told us that Hari Restu will be held on 12th November which is about a month more to go. Graduation day... Hopefully the new AJK board will lead PPS to become better & more cheerful,all the best :)   

We've got our Moral paper back,I'm happy with my marks but I know that I can do better. *HWAITING! GO GO GO WITH LOVE!!* We did an experiment during Chemistry periods today,it's a soap making experiment. The residue was oily & creamy powder like,the 'solvent' was gross,ewww :X It smells like soya bean,really. Something VERY HORRIBLE happened today -- the school has changed our time table. MY GOD! IT'S KILLING US! We will be having 4 PERIODS of CHEMISTRY on Tuesday & 3 PERIODS of Sejarah on Thursday. 4 periods of Chemistry,what the helicopter??! I cannot stand listening to his hypnosis (I'm sorry sir!) & I really hate the stools. They hurt. Many of my friends have planned not to attend to school next Tuesday but I've decided to do a 'survey' first,hahah. Besides,they have taken off our PJ periods! STUPID! Puan Amutha is going to teach us yoga next week,we have rights to have PJ periods,I don't understand why the school is doing this. We will go mad,I am not bluffing. If you think that sitting in the class doing exercises & listen to the teachers teaching every single day,hour,minute & second is the best way to train us in getting as much As' as we can,you are wrong. A BIG 'X' TO YOU! BOO!

Had a date with Chai after school & we met Xinyan,Carmen,Sweetyee & Catherine. We ate at the same stall but we didn't sit together,that was so weird! XD Wanted to eat ice kacang badly,unfortunately,the 'ice kacang aunty' wasn't there. HMPH,where were you aunty? 

Went to Ling Sze's house yesterday & we've planned to play Wii,but her mum brought us to Jusco because she wanted to buy something & she needed accompaniment. Pear pear & I were so childish & we went to play with the kiddies' mini stools & chairs =.= After hanging around without any direction,finally we have made up our mind to eat sushi. Yes,Sushi King was having a promotion,2 bucks per dish,how cheap! Due to the long queue,we have decided to buy sushi in Jusco & ate at the food court. Pearly can only eat chicken wings well,she do not know how to eat with her hands properly & she have wasted her sushi because they were being dropped here & there. Aiyoyo~ :O When we were heading to get her mum's car,suddenly her mum whispered something beside my right ear,I was really shocked with what she've 'discussed that' with me. Hahah! X3 Then,aunty treated us with ice kacang as the weather was too hot,'beh tahan'! >.<

*Yummy! Thumbs up*

*2 chickens fighting on the bed*

Looks like I will be having long posts every Friday,a 'tradition' huh? Alright,gotta go,chow peeps.

Have a sweet weekend,xoxo.

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