Thursday, December 31, 2009



Adios 091231

After staying with the cold cooling freezing air on the highland for 3 days 2 nights,I am finally back to KL,the city which is attacked by the hot weather always.
My face is red,the top was cold,the bottom is hot.
My face is kinda sensitive so it becomes reddish to warm me to take care of it nicely.
Yes my dear,of course I will take good care of you,I am drinking plenty of water jut for you.^^
Today is the very last day of year 2009.
What I can say is...Many things happened in this year.
I get to make many new friends,I became more mature,more like myself,I become braver,tougher,and I know that it is going to be hard in the future.
I get to know someone special,who leads me to move forward and brings me happiness.
I tried plenty of new things and get new experiences.
I danced,I joined the singing competition,I fall sick for times,my pimples became worse,the capacity of my stomach beomes bigger,I tried types of food,games,and ect.
I am very proud of myself cuz I have tried 'Corkscrew',the second scariest outdoor game at Geting Highland! XD
I,we played most of the roller coasters and head spinning games nd we did had a lots of fun together.
Corkscrew is a roller coaster which has the turning of 360 degree for twice.
Whn I ot down from it,I was so high and I did not feel scared at all! I sreamed happily. XD
It was a great trip to Genting Highland. I love the cold freezing air blowing through my body,the roller coasters,and the Padini Concept Store.
We had great meals for our dinner. The second night was really awesome,I mean the food. There're Chinese,Japanese,Western,Nyonya,Western Asia and Malaysia food.
I tried them all. Changed the dish for 7 to 8 perhaps 9 times. Felt like vomiting. XD
We did not play many kinds of games although we had the all doors ticket.
Bumper car,indoor roller coaster,car racing,bla,and I wanna win that cute big little bear! XO
We stayed in First World Hotel. The lobby is nice with Christmas decorations.
I bought a bear too.^^ It's a red bear with soft bright red fur. Nice to hug.
Oh yea,I bought a pair of BUM Equipment shoe shoe too,and a 'you complete my heart' t-shirt,three. NICE~
I am hungry now,I skipped my lunch cuz...I was full from yesterday night til this afternoon! The dinner's fault...>.<
I A M S T A R V I N G . . . P L E A S E H E L P M E . . . > . <

I wish...
2010 will be an amazing year of mine,good things will fall in love with me,I will have great luck,great health,great mood and happiness.
I wish I could stay togther forever with all MY LOVED ONES,forever and always.
Please forgive me if I did anything wrong in 2009,I will try to change my weaknesses for a better year and a better me.
Happy new year,my friends.
Enjoy the very last day of 2009,smile. :)
I love you.
Adios, year 2009 . month December . day 31 .
Happy 2010,come to me baby!!!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Trip To Genting Highland

Going off to Genting Highland soon,everything is prepared,almost.
Yeowxin is coming back soon,am I right?
She did not tell me when is she coming back to Malaysia so I am still wondering.
Left a note in her house,asked her to call me when she came back.
I am bringing a big luggage to the highland,I don't know why.
I bring the most things and the biggest luggage there,hah,I don't know what am I bringing. ^^
I have clothes but I don't wear them,wasted isn't it? So I bring many kinds of...stuffs,which I think I need them.
Uncle david says ut's cold up there,he has been there 3 days ago.
Yay,I love cold air,it makes me feel fresh. :)
Suck,suck,suck in the cold freezing cooling air,hzzzm hzzzm hzzzm~
Yay the second,I,I mean we,are going to have a big BIG dinner for tonight,and also tomorrow night.
Forget about weight gaining. I know I am going to slim down when the school reopens. Hah! XD
Awww...going to fit in school uniforms again...I hate it.
I mean,I hate school to be reopened.
I bet almost everyone hates it,like me,much.
Besides~ that,I am going for shopping on 0101,it's will be a freakee Friday,cuz I am going to spend mama's money like hell. XD
We Are Goin To Sunway Pyramid~!! X3
I was kinda upset cuz I could not get my favorite pair of shoe shoe in Vincci cuz it doens't look quite nice on me so,TET! Wake up,that's not your thing.
I gave up with it,with that nice pretty little shoe shoe. :(
I don't care,I want a pair of flats + a pair of sneakers.
Ble ble BLEK! Mum,please sponsor me and I will wake you up every morning. :D
Dadda,come back home faster,I wanna feel the moist and the mist up there.
Hopefully this will be a great cool trip before the nightmare begins...from next week onwards..
I am going crazy,soon. I SHOULD.
I shall leave my blog for a day and I will be continue blogging the day after tomorrow.
This is just a good place for me to express myself,say what I wanna say,do what I wanna do,cuz it's my blog!
Enjoy it Steph,enjoy the trip.
Little miss biscuit...
Gotta go now,take care people,smile.


Love is fire.

Monday, December 28, 2009

I Love my Chicken Rice

I love my chicken rice.
I want it so much cuz it's going to be my lunch soon.
A sick patient ahould not eat rice isn't it? Yes he shouldn't.
SomeBODY is fighting with me,I want my chicken rice!!! XO
I don't care cuz I love it and I need it so much~ It's my luncH!
Haven't finich packing my clothes and stuffs yet,for tomorrow's Genting highland trip.
Yay~ We are going to have BIG BIG HUGE meals there for 2 nights!
I bet I will be fat in just 2 days time. XD
Okay,he ate my lunch. =o=
Attending Mr.Fong's class later.
Alone? Maybe. :s
Hungry. T_____T
2010 is just around the corner. Hopefully it will be a great year. :)
Bless me! Ciaoz.^^
Erm...take care.^^


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Successfully Done

Yay,I have done my art exam in the morning just now. :) Happy~~
I did practiced but...once or twice...Hah. :D
Anyway,I am glad that...I am kinda satisfy with my painting. Heh.
The title of my exam was 'snow scene'.
I copied a pic from the web and I added something on my paint and tadah~
My masterpiece. X3
I thought that...I couldn't done it that well cuz I just practised for one or two times only...The first time was yesterday in the evening and the half second one was this morning.
Thanks to Miss Wong. She gave me some good ideas and they made my painting looks better. :)
Painted the house again today...T I R E D .
What has been bothering me was...
- dust
- dirt
- insects
- little feaces (insects')
D U H . . .
Anyway,I am happy now cuz all the rooms have been painted with brand new colours.
Tee Hee. :D
I am going to sleep very early tonight...I need good sleep without dreams! Xs
I can't really sleep these days..Hard to get into sleep.
That's suffering.
Okay,that's all for now.
Looking forward to next Tuesday cuz I am going to Genting Highland. 3 days 2 nights. ^^
Plus we are going to overnight at my grandma's house for maybe 3 days 2 nights,with my dear cousins! XD
Okay then,see ya.^^

Mister bear and I

Wearing mama's pyjamas. =o=

Snow scene.


Saturday, December 26, 2009


It's hard for me to buy my clothes cuz...I don't know why.
What I like doens't suit me,I mean many of them.
I fall in love with a pair of shoe shoe in Vincci but...It's looks weird on me.
And that's sad. :(
Nevermind,I still have chance to get what I want. Smile. :)
Went to 1U from 10am til 7++pm yesterday. Went back home at 9pm.
Tired...all of us were beat,especially mama...she was wearing high heels and she can still managed to walk for such a long time,that's...suffering.
I am sorry mother. >.<
Hmmm...I managed to get 3 tops (not all are tops but...I don't how to classify them,heheh) and a skirt from P&Co.
I love P&Co but...the clothes in Padini Concpet Store aren't nice as last year so...
Kinda dissapointed. :s
My new target -- G&H & Voir.
Cuz...I get something I like from there. Hee. :D
Oh yea...we walked for more than 9 hours yesterday like mad people...
Like human beings who haven't been to shopping before...It's fun!
But...we did spent our money very FUN at the same time. Hah! XD
Mum bought things like crazy. Actually it wasn't her idea but it was dad's.
He loves spending money on buying clothes for mama but himself?
He don't,DON't buy for himself,selDom. And mum has and had to forced him to get somthing. =.=
Yay! It says,if one spent more than 350 in the same shop,one can get a free gift -- eggie shape musical box.
It's real nice,and we get it! XD
Dad don't wanna waste the chance to get more free gifts so...
Mum did something crazy. She 'keep' the clothes and thingies in Romp,paid deposit 100 wants the eggie so much...
That made mama and I went to 1U again this morning just to redeem the musical box.
When we were leaving Romp,the cashier (a hair tied Malay guy) asked us to run faster,otherwise,all the eggs will be all gone. Cute. XD
Yesterday was fun and crazy cuz I keep on doing something 'fun' and 'crazy' like...
I stepped back and knocked some uncles wothout knowing...
I ate a plate of wantan mee + roti cheese (my first try) + milo ice,not full. ==
And...I dropped my clothes on the escalator when we were going down and it fall on a lady's leg...It was almost the end of the escalator so I grabbed all my things very quickly and managed to save my clothes. Phew.
School is reopen very soon,I hate it.
Even my mum says,'Why I did not feel like you guys are having your school holidays? It was like...a week ago and the school reopens soon?'
And I could not smile. :'(
I have wasted this holiday,much. I am regret but I can do nothing.
I am going to do my very best next year,and I will never give up!
I need strong determinations,I need you,please come to mama.
Gambadeh Steph,you can do it!
Okay...that's all for now,gtg,bye. :)
Sleep well.


P.S. I will miss you.
Take care.

Friday, December 25, 2009


It's Christmas! Hohoho,Merry christmass to all my friends and my loved ones.
Yay,going shopping lter,I mean soon. XD Happy. :)
So...spend your time with your loved ones today,ARGH...
I just LoVE Christmas.
See ya!



Thursday, December 24, 2009

♥ C h r i s t m a s E v e ♥

I am happy today.
Went to had McD as our lunch in the afternoon.
I tried the new Prosperity burger,erm...It tastes...Pepper.
Hot & Pepper. Yea. That's it.
The sause is 'mostly made of' pepper so...It tastes very pepper.
Anyway,I ♥ the Twister fries,much more nicer than A&W's. :)
Thanks for the lunch. :)
Watched a movie called 'Star Trek',by us.
It was incredible. It made me cried in 10 minutes. ==
The movie lasted for 2 hours,watch it,cuz it worth it.

I am happy,and thanks for the happiness.
I will be strong,cuz I am getting stronger. :)
Please take care,and I will be missing you so much.
Love you,bye. :)


Christmas Eve

Enjoy the precious moments with your loved ones in this special festive season.
Merry merry Christmas Eve. :)



Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Being A Chef

I am going to be a one day chef today,cuz I am going to cook!
My first time is giving you,you must cherish it no matter it taste nice or not! XO
Feeling happy but nervous,cuz I scared I am going to destroy the kitchen. :D
Kalye is back from China,welcome home sweetie! X)
Christmas is coming very soon.
Very much.
The decos,the food,the people,the red white outfits,the santa,the presents,the laughters,the jokes,the lights,the Christmas trees,the rain deer,the sleigh,and the beautiful city,not covered by snow city,is nice.
People singing,chatting everywhere,enjoying the Christmas season and feel the warm besides sending their wishes and warmness to people around.
I will go crazy if I am an adult now,I don't know what will I do if I am on the streets.
I love Christmas,and Christmas loves me. :)
I am starving...
Gotta go get my breakfast right now.
Sayurnara people~


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Tang Yuan Day

Happy tang yuan day people! XD
Just finished one bowl of tang yuan as my breakfast just now.
Guess what? I made some cute little tang yuan oh! ^^
I made a pig,a piggy face.
It has got eyes,nose,ears,and even nostrils. :D
Besides,I add some chocolate chips into 2 of the tang yuans.
I ate one of them just now,tasteless. :S
Today will be a busy day,maybe.
I have to finish Dr.Fong's homeworks,send my 'regards' to someone,and prepare myself for the art exam this Saturday.
The title of my art exam is 'The beautiful scene of snow'.
I could not get any ideas,I am stucked.
So...any ideas? ^^
My teacher said I can add snowman,or...anything you want.
But I just can't figure it out so...
I need a BIG help. :)
Help help me. Hahah.^^
Walao...PS dam lack. =o=
I hate you I hate you I hate you.
School is reopen soon,very soon.
I hate you I hate you I hate you!! >o<
I don;t wanna return to school so early. T__________T
This holiday is too~ SHORT.
Short until I have not enough time to complete what I wanna complete.
('|') << Ultraman
I still wanna rest,I still wanna enjoy doing what I wanna do.
I wanna eat,I wanna sleep til late in the morning although I can't really sleep.
I wanna watch movies,I wanna watch dramas.
I haven't finish watching Saiunkoku Monogatari yet.
I still have some animes to be watched.
But I could not finish them all by this holiday cuz it is too short!!!
I am exploding.
That's all for today.
So...take care and enjoy the last 2 weeks we have.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cousins Funnies

My cousins cam to my house at 5pm something. We ate the dinner at 6pm. After eating dinner,Florence and I went to bro's room silently to prevent the sai mui to follow us into the 'secret room'. We wanted to take pics. Muahaha,we always take pics,funny pics! XD Especially her,she loves posing like models,and she is very good in it. She told me that she wanna become a model when she grows up one day. I asked her just now,'What do you wanna be in the future?' She answered me,'I don't know.' 'I thought you are going to be a modle,you love posing and taking pictures isn't it?' 'Yes but...I may become a model cuz I seldom eat,I do not like food that much,I always skip my meals. A model needs to control their eating habits and they cannot eat much,so this is the advantage I have. Anyway,I am still blur,I am not sure what am I really like and really interested in. :) ' Yes,she is 11 years old,and I like her. :] She was like her lil sis when she was small. She always asked me to tie her hair leng leng before,when I was small too. But now,she is growing up,she has her own taste already,and she thinks. She is a smart girl,she knows a lot of stuffs,just like her mother. We always spend time together when she and her family came visiting.^^ We love taking pics,eating together,bath together,laugh together. We had a lots of fun. XD Tell you what,she and her lil sis wanted to shared a toilet bowl together just now. XD Hahah!!! How could that be happened??! Yes,they 'almost' did. =o= The small one,we called her 'Tong'. Tong and 'Hui',Florence wanted to go to the toilet and shhh shhh. Hui was in 'emergency' but Tong wants to get onto the toilet bowl first. She sat on it for a long time but nothing came out,so Hui became impatient and she sat onto the very same toilet bowl,she wanted to pee together with Tong. XD Hahah,Tong's pp covered almost 80% of the toilet bowl already,so Hui could not sit onto it,she was mad. X3 Cute little fellas.^^ Besides,we played jumping rope together too. :) I won! HAH! These are the pics we took just now,muahaha!! X] This is Tong aka cow. XD Moo Moo!!! <(^(OO)^)> Jumping. Jumping 2. Hui. Toto & I Tee hee~ :D She just love posing. :) Oh my God...My cousins stood on the electronic balance together...3 of them. =o= They are 100kg. XD Oh my...Tong is climbing onto the window...and it starts the fight...=O=