Saturday, December 19, 2009

Freaky Friday

Went out for the whole day today,but not shopping.
At fisrt,I thought that we are going to Sunway Pyramid cuz that's what mum promised us.
Anyway,the big tum dad did not tell us that he is going to some other places to make new curtains for our home,so our plan had been destroyed by him.
My bros were kinda mad cuz he did not spilt anything out from his mouth and he made us wait and wait and wait.
First,we went to a place called Milky way cuz mum wanted to discuss something with a Mister.
We spent almost than an hour there,it's boring. ==
What made us happy was,there are many biscuit samples so we keep on eating them until we full,and that had been our lunch. XD
After that,we went to Tropicana city and guess what,I saw Xin Yan! XD
She was buying shoe shoes and I could not recognized her cuz she was not wearing her specs. X3
Next,we went to Nagoda in Carfour near Subang to make new curtains for our home,Chinese new year is coming soon! X3
We spent almost 3 hours choosing,planning,measuring,comparing,discussing,thinking,and wondering.
Finally,we chose a plain silky dark pink and a patterned thin cloth for our front door,plain silky dark pink for other windows in the living room,a samall cutie greenie lace for the kitchen,plain dark silky purple for bros' blue room and plain silky maroon for my orange one.
We chose all plain cuz it's nice and simply matched with anything and it looks...nice.
Hahah. :D
After doing all what have to be done,it was already late and it is impossible for us to go shopping at the crowded big mall at 5? Not a good idea.
Finally,we went to Grandma's house.
Hah! My cousins and their family were going out to Pavillion so we followed them. XD
2 cars went there at the same time but one lost in the middle of KL...
And that's my dad's. ==
The destination was Pavillion,but we - dad,grandpa,mama,mi-2 and me went to Petaling Street. =o=
It was really jam,the traffic.
We turned around the whole city and finally,hahah,we reached our destination after more than half an hour.
Thank God we have found them,hahah...
Pavillion is very beautiful decorated with pretty lights,red curtains,jingle bells,rain deers and huge white and green Christmas trees.
Christmas songs were played at the entrance and in the mall.
The air is filled with the happiness to welcome the arrival of Christmas.
I smelled it,it feels warm and simply happy.^^
Took our dinner at food court,there are all sorts of food there,and it was crowded with people.
I ate 'ma la di yu la mian' which means 'super spicy like hell ramen'.
Not spicy at all.== Fake de.
After eating,we hang around in the mall and 'discovered' something shocking.
We saw a small little coat which cost almost 900,a pair of Anna Sui boot-like-shoes which cost 899,little bears,small ones,100++. ==
Everything is expensive,all over 100 or 200++.
My specs was falling,my heart was sinking. T_____T
Reached home at 10pm,beat.
Took my hot water bath,read my CLEO magazine and zzz.
I did not sleep well last night,I keep on waking up in the middle. :S
Wakaka,going dinner tonight.
It is a special dinner for all Choo Choo people,I mean sername. XD
My relatives could not attend it,so my dad invited my cousins and their family to attend it.
Muahaha,can see each other again.^^
Can EAT again! XD
Okay,these are the photos I took yesterday,enjoy it.^^

This was our lunch. XD

Bii~ SS~ cut!

Coned-shape kui ka pet!


Tropicana City - mini.

Decorations for Christmas.


It's only 2 percent of the whole shop.

Tee hee~ :D


Emo face. =o=

Old old buildings in KL.

More photos to be uploaded later.
Gtg.ciaoz. X3


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