Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Haven't done mr.Fong's homework yet,luckily he toughy bio last week only. XD
Hmm...what to post...I have no idea. =s
Some form 5 students will be having their last paper today,if they are not taking Chinese.
I will be taking art next year,hopefully everything will be alright for me.^^
Watched 9 episodes of Saiunkoku,nice! XD
The king is so handsome,his bro is the second.
Ahh...if I am Hong family's daughter,how blissful will I be... X]
It is an anime about an old dynasty in China.
Erm...not really China,it's only an anime. X3
So...8 years ago,there was a war in that country because the princes in the kingdom were fighting to be the king.
The youngest prince (the most handsome one) were always bullied by his brothers except his second brother (the second handsome).
After the war,all the prince were all gone and people do not know whether they are still alive or not.
However,the youngest prince is still alive and he becomes the king of Saiunkoku the country.
The king does not care of his duty and his country's stuffs,so 3 old man in the kingdom decided to see Hong family for help.
They asked Hong Siewlee,the only daughter to marry the king cuz they think that she has the ability to change the king's attitude and continue doing his duty as the king for the country.
Besides,they also asked her brother Jing Lan to become the body guard of the king.
The reward is -- gold 500 liang (please read in Chinese).
She accepted. XD
After they entered the kingdom,something had happened and changed...
The story continue flowing and I wonder what will happen in the next episodes.^^
Okay,that's all for now,gotta go,bye people.
Take care. :)


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