Sunday, December 20, 2009


Yesterday,my family and I and my cousins and their family went to 'Tian hou Goong' to attend to Choo's dinner. The food was quite nice,not bad. I love 'nuo mi' rice and the prawn very much!! Deli-deli-cioussS!!!!! Argh...I am dam dam hungry right now... There's nothing to eat so I am still living my tummy empty,I need my lunch,I hate starving. T________T Ate a bowl of tang yuan in the morning. I missed making tang yuan with popo!! I overslept! >O< Luckily she is going to make them ince again tomorrow. Phew... :D Took some pics last night. Hehe...^^ The ME Before attending CHOO dinner. Tee hee... :D *`Performances`* Micheal Jackson the second! The dances and steps was so...real like Micheal. O.o He,is a cool one. Tang~ Yuan~ My love. X3 Round round de tang yuan! XD Mama's busying with the kitchen stuffs. (P.S. I was not helping...XD) Colourful.

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