Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bye Bye 15

I am now 16~!!!♥ Should I feel happy or sad?
Happy cuz I am growing mature,sad cuz I am getting older?
Hahah...anything,but the only thing I know is I am happy today. :)
Thanks for the people who wished me,I am happy.^^
Went to Sunway Pyramid today with my special guest.
It took almost 2 hours for us to reach to our destination. =o=
Ahh...I am hungry lah..==
So...after buying movie tickets -- New moon,we went to A&W to have our lunch.
Ahh...I miss the float~~
After hanging around in the big mall,tadah~ the time has come for us to enter the cinema.
The story was not bad.^^
And one thing is...I love Jacob. XD
I mean his hair,his packs,his bisceps,his smile,his face...
MAN. This is what we called,MAN.
Anyway,what and who I expected to happened and show themselves in the movie did not showed up in the movie.
Like Victoria.
She did not showed herself more like how I imagined and thought.
I thought she is going to revenge like crazy so she will keep on appearing but no.
After that,I bought 2 'bracelets' and they cost 10 bucks only,cheap! X3
Normally,people sell those kind of 'bracelets' for 10 or 12 bucks each.
But here,2 for 10! I bought 2 without any hestitation. :)
Okay,time to go,have to prepare myself for my event later.^^
Thanks and bye.

P.S. Happy Sweet Sixteen Birthday Steph♥


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