Friday, December 4, 2009

New Face Products

Went to The Curve this afternoon for my skin products.
Headed to Skin Food and saw Maggie and Christine -- the promoters.^^
My face is not having change although I have been using it's product for a long time.
So mama decided to take me there and search for some other better face products.
I am using 3 types now,my facewash,toner,and my cucumber mask.
After they explained and we discussed,I bought a moisturizer and a tea tree essence.
I got 5 stamps for my card. XD
Wanted to exchange a small gift -- nail polish but...nah,nevermind,Elianto's cheaper.
Thanks to Kalye and Emily,I get the little miss T-shirt bcuz of you guys. XD
I wanted to get 2 but...i still have new T-shirts,so nevermind.^^
It is a little miss lucky printed on a white tee and it's so cheap -- 10 bucks.
'Love it' -- the shop selling little miss T-shirts.
Go and get yourself one if you love little miss. :)
Ouch...stupid indonesia palm hurts!! .>________<.
Ate junk food during tuition just now...actually I shouldn't...>.<
Maggie's right,I have to control myself and my appetite,for my face's sake,and my own's sake.
And it is a promise between me and someone.
I am sorry to break my promise,I will not touch junk food in a week. X(
My brothers were having a pillow fight. =.=
Chatting with Yeowxin now,hahah.^^
She showed me her photos in China.
Wow...big bowl of Yun Nam mee...I want~~~
Hey,my birthday is coming ah,so,you know what to do? Wakaka!^^
The Curve is decorated nicely with christmas trees,angels,lamps,pretty pathways,big cartoons and bling blings.
Took some pics there,I love~ taking pictures. XD
Okay,gotta go now,sweet dreams people.


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