Friday, December 11, 2009

House Painting

Slept at 1 so woke up at 10am this morning.
I feel so so so happy cuz finally,I broke my record of sleeping until 9.30am in the morning! XD
My family members were already start working painting the walls but me?
Hahah,I was enjoying my sweet time slowly. X)
After eating my chocolate cake (yesterday's leftover),I started to help them.
Walao...My arms and thumbs are pain and tired,and my back! Xo
Anyway,I did not help much cuz all of us were helping so each people only need to do a bit,but I think I helped the least. XD
When the time reached 4 in the evening,all of us were shouting craving for food.
dad asked mum to dabao Pizza so my mum and I went to Pizza hut and we get 2 large pizzas plus KFC cheesy wedges,fries and the new menu (forgotten what was the name).
Ahh..Stupid mosquito,you bite me??! >o<
Continue continue~
And now,my house is painted orange and teacup colour.
I haven't get used to it yet,but I know I will get used to it one day. :)
These are the photos that have been taken today and yesterday.



Snowman & I.

Me & da snowman.

Jingle bell~

My cake♥

Me & my cake♥

Emily. XD


No potato allowed.

Ting girl.



This is how I spent my day today and yesterday.
Had fun.^^
So...gotta go,it's late.
See ya people♥



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