Monday, December 14, 2009

Chung Hwa Independent School

I feel kinda sick. ==
Especially my throat.
Maybe I did not sleep well these days,and maybe I did too much of work yesterday.
I was beat.
I am sorry cuz I can't go to Sunway Lagoon today,so...lack of girls...
I am sorry.
The weather is hot,darn hot weather.
I am in my house compound but my back is wet with my sweat.
I hate perspiration!! I hate sticky back!!
Happy cuz going to Chung Hwa Independent School at 6++ later.
There's a big dinner,'Qian Ren Yan' in Chinese.
(Sorry cuz my pc has no 'Chinese Star')
This will be my first time stepping my foot into the school.
I wonder how will it looks like. :)
Hopefully my throat will feel better tonight... head,stop spinning. ==
Stupid rain,my pc is dc now. =o=
Stop raining~~~!!!
ARGH!!! Spoiling my mood.
Having a little running nose cuz I sucked too much dust yesterday,sentitive to dust perhaps.
This is going to be a heavy one,I bet.
The shy hasn't cry for days,it's time for him to cry,but why now?
Why today,why not yesterday? Why not tomorrow?
Hopefully the thunder will not affect my line...
I think I better go now,I am scared.
P.S. I am sorry bear,I am going to carry you back home after the rain ends.
Please do not scared of the thunder and the heavy rain.


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