Saturday, December 5, 2009

Morning Jog

Pulled to woke up in the early morning by mama,cuz I promised her to jog with her this morning.
I can't open my eyes until I get myself washed.
We were late,cuz we slept longer,maybe kakak did not woke mama up so she can't wake me up.
A cool parking was waiting for us when we reached to Menjalara park,all seems great.^^
We walked and jogged a little for the first round,then I went to played at the kiddy playground. XD
Jogged with mama for rounds again,then i went to played at the playground again.
Met aunty Amy,mama's friend. :)
After that,we went to the market cuz popo did not buy or prepare any food for our breakfast.
I was dam hungry. =.=
Wantan mee + peanut hu + kuih = me and mama's breakfast.
Watched one and a half episode of Boys Over Flowers after eating.
Then,I took my bath and start practising my violin.
It's great to know how to play songs.
And I found out that my sight reading is getting better.^^
I could not finish today's paint cuz it's complicated.
I shall finish them next week! XO
Visited Potato's house and passed his family mum's best 'bubu chacha'.
Yumi is growing really fast,her legs are long and she's taller.
She looked like the potato but now,I think she looks like her sis Zane.^^
She loves to spin,hahah!! After spinning,she will laugh,hahah!! XD
She wants to talk,she keep on mumbling something and smile at me,I wonder what she wanna share with me. :D
Going to see yumi next week,next saturday,it's her first birthday party celebrating her 1 year old anniversary!
Hahah,I wanna take photos with her. Many many many photos.^^
Hmm...I don't think that we are going out tonight...Aunty Winnie's house?
Who knows.^^ I wanna watch TV + food at her house! XD
Ahh...mum's bubu chacha is so nice~~ X)
Bro says that we are going out tomorrow,maybe shopping.
Hopefully it is true,cuz I can't stand staying at home. =.=
Okay,that's all for now,enjoy your hols,bye. :)
P.S. I am coming,my dinner~~!


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