Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wong Yumi Wong

She's turning 1 soon.^^
Guess who is she? Yee yup,she is a little baby,turning 1 years old. :D
Hmm...What does she like?
Hee haa,she loves to 'fly' in the air.
Everytime her daddy carry her up and spin her in the air,she will laugh.
Not only smile you know! She laughed so loud! XD
Going to see her soon,happy. X3
She moves,crawl fast.
And she doesn't scared of people.
That's she,I bet she is going to be an active girl in the future. :)
All the best for her,Yumi dear~♥
Listening to 'Hey there delilah'.
Nice song,calm.^^
Attended violin replacement class just now,met my old friend back. :3
Attending art class soon,gonna finish my last week's painting.
Going to potato's house later in the evening,maybe help a little at there.
Wakaka,must eat a lot tonight! XD
I promosed myself that this is going to be the last night I allow myself to eat that much.
Tomorrow onwards,I will be on diet!!
I feel sad. =S
Anyway,I know that it is for my own good,I still wanna fitted into my uniform.
Muahaha,luckily I still can fit in S size clothes. XD
I feel great. X3 bro says that we are not going out this sunday,I mean tomorrow...
I fee; sad. T___T
I wanna buy clothes,I wanna go shopping...
Why are we going to paint the house again tomorrow??
Mummy haven't come back home yet,I don't wanna walk to the center under the hot sun.==
A good news to share,I cooked vegetable soup without any help! XD
Erm...Actually it's cooked by my Lola,hahah!
There's a new mini activity in Pet soc.
We can cook cuz they provided a free oven.^^
Christmas is coming.
I can eat 'tang yuan' soon. X3
I LOVE tang yuan very much♥
Okay,gotta go now.
Take care people.


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