Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Clumsy Me

I have done a lot of stupid things today. =.=
Fisrtly,I dropped my conditioner into the toilet bowl when I was takign my abth in the morning. ==
Next,I realised that I couldn't even open up an egg,I did,but the egg inside did not get into the wok 'nicely' when I was cooking Maggi mee...
Erm...I 'dropped' the egg onto the...what do we call that...
The place which makes fire,hahah...
That's not funny...I feel bad,cuz the egg was being wasted. I am sorry eggie...T_T
Thirdly...I was washing the dishes...
But I used the hand washer to wash the dishes. =.=
What have I done??? O.O
Duh...How funny I am..T_____T
I am sorry......
Hand washer...hahah!!! I am laughing at myself.
Having my Malta beside me now,have to wait until it is equal with the thermal -- thermal equilibrium. XD
I can't drink cold,having stomachache these days...
I miss you lots,vege.
How are you? Is China cold? Wear more ah,tia bo??
Eat more ah,you need more fats to keep you warm de ah,bath faster,do not get cold.
Miss you but i can't do anything,I feel so sad...:(

When I am down,and oh my soul so weary,
When troubles come,and my heart berden be,
Then I am still and wait here in the silence,
Until you come,and sit awhile with me.

Sometimes,I have many things to express by blogging,but I just don't know how to express,it's hard by using words,perhaps.
I may need a listener,or a talking friend who may help to solve my problems and share my thinkings,but she's not here,but far away in China.
I feel proud,cuz i did not cried.
Erm...I did,3 to 4 drops of tears,only.
Not like what I did before,calling her many times just to nag her and remind her to bring all her needs.
Ask her to miss me,and remember my birthday present. Hahah...XD
Hopefully she's enjoying her hols with her family there.^^
many of my friends had watched 'New moon',I wanna watch...
Especially Jacob...XD
Guys should look nice with short hair? maybe.^^
Example,Yun Ji Hoo in Boys over flowers looks better after he changed his hairstyle from a long one to a short one. :)
Scared of stomachache...
Please go away from me,stay away from me,don't ever come near me.
Okay,time to go,bye and take care.^^


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