Saturday, December 26, 2009


It's hard for me to buy my clothes cuz...I don't know why.
What I like doens't suit me,I mean many of them.
I fall in love with a pair of shoe shoe in Vincci but...It's looks weird on me.
And that's sad. :(
Nevermind,I still have chance to get what I want. Smile. :)
Went to 1U from 10am til 7++pm yesterday. Went back home at 9pm.
Tired...all of us were beat,especially mama...she was wearing high heels and she can still managed to walk for such a long time,that's...suffering.
I am sorry mother. >.<
Hmmm...I managed to get 3 tops (not all are tops but...I don't how to classify them,heheh) and a skirt from P&Co.
I love P&Co but...the clothes in Padini Concpet Store aren't nice as last year so...
Kinda dissapointed. :s
My new target -- G&H & Voir.
Cuz...I get something I like from there. Hee. :D
Oh yea...we walked for more than 9 hours yesterday like mad people...
Like human beings who haven't been to shopping before...It's fun!
But...we did spent our money very FUN at the same time. Hah! XD
Mum bought things like crazy. Actually it wasn't her idea but it was dad's.
He loves spending money on buying clothes for mama but himself?
He don't,DON't buy for himself,selDom. And mum has and had to forced him to get somthing. =.=
Yay! It says,if one spent more than 350 in the same shop,one can get a free gift -- eggie shape musical box.
It's real nice,and we get it! XD
Dad don't wanna waste the chance to get more free gifts so...
Mum did something crazy. She 'keep' the clothes and thingies in Romp,paid deposit 100 wants the eggie so much...
That made mama and I went to 1U again this morning just to redeem the musical box.
When we were leaving Romp,the cashier (a hair tied Malay guy) asked us to run faster,otherwise,all the eggs will be all gone. Cute. XD
Yesterday was fun and crazy cuz I keep on doing something 'fun' and 'crazy' like...
I stepped back and knocked some uncles wothout knowing...
I ate a plate of wantan mee + roti cheese (my first try) + milo ice,not full. ==
And...I dropped my clothes on the escalator when we were going down and it fall on a lady's leg...It was almost the end of the escalator so I grabbed all my things very quickly and managed to save my clothes. Phew.
School is reopen very soon,I hate it.
Even my mum says,'Why I did not feel like you guys are having your school holidays? It was like...a week ago and the school reopens soon?'
And I could not smile. :'(
I have wasted this holiday,much. I am regret but I can do nothing.
I am going to do my very best next year,and I will never give up!
I need strong determinations,I need you,please come to mama.
Gambadeh Steph,you can do it!
Okay...that's all for now,gtg,bye. :)
Sleep well.


P.S. I will miss you.
Take care.

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