Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cousins Funnies

My cousins cam to my house at 5pm something. We ate the dinner at 6pm. After eating dinner,Florence and I went to bro's room silently to prevent the sai mui to follow us into the 'secret room'. We wanted to take pics. Muahaha,we always take pics,funny pics! XD Especially her,she loves posing like models,and she is very good in it. She told me that she wanna become a model when she grows up one day. I asked her just now,'What do you wanna be in the future?' She answered me,'I don't know.' 'I thought you are going to be a modle,you love posing and taking pictures isn't it?' 'Yes but...I may become a model cuz I seldom eat,I do not like food that much,I always skip my meals. A model needs to control their eating habits and they cannot eat much,so this is the advantage I have. Anyway,I am still blur,I am not sure what am I really like and really interested in. :) ' Yes,she is 11 years old,and I like her. :] She was like her lil sis when she was small. She always asked me to tie her hair leng leng before,when I was small too. But now,she is growing up,she has her own taste already,and she thinks. She is a smart girl,she knows a lot of stuffs,just like her mother. We always spend time together when she and her family came visiting.^^ We love taking pics,eating together,bath together,laugh together. We had a lots of fun. XD Tell you what,she and her lil sis wanted to shared a toilet bowl together just now. XD Hahah!!! How could that be happened??! Yes,they 'almost' did. =o= The small one,we called her 'Tong'. Tong and 'Hui',Florence wanted to go to the toilet and shhh shhh. Hui was in 'emergency' but Tong wants to get onto the toilet bowl first. She sat on it for a long time but nothing came out,so Hui became impatient and she sat onto the very same toilet bowl,she wanted to pee together with Tong. XD Hahah,Tong's pp covered almost 80% of the toilet bowl already,so Hui could not sit onto it,she was mad. X3 Cute little fellas.^^ Besides,we played jumping rope together too. :) I won! HAH! These are the pics we took just now,muahaha!! X] This is Tong aka cow. XD Moo Moo!!! <(^(OO)^)> Jumping. Jumping 2. Hui. Toto & I Tee hee~ :D She just love posing. :) Oh my God...My cousins stood on the electronic balance together...3 of them. =o= They are 100kg. XD Oh my...Tong is climbing onto the window...and it starts the fight...=O=

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