Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Went to Metro with my friend for 'Princess and the frog' but it's not on at there.
Feeling kinda sad cuz I really do wanna watch it. :(
Nevermind,there's still chances. Smile~ :)
Went to my friend's house after taking our lunch at Mr.Teppanyaki.
The cashier is an ah gua. ==
Why am I always seing some odd odd people these days?
I saw a pair of lesbians weeks ago,2 ah guas this Monday,a pair of lesbians again when we were taking the bus just now,and lastly,an ah gua being the cashier in Mr.Teppanyaki. =o=
At first,I did not realised that there's an ah gua right behind of me,when my friend told me about that,I was like...
Erm...okay,he has long hair,and his movements are kinda...girly...
The way he walks and moves,and talks,is girly than a girl. ==
Wow...Hahah,wow. XD
Pet Society is dc again...=o=
Duh,fed up. I hate rain!!! XO
Kek and kek and kek,Lola just stuck at there and cannot move. =.=
Heheh..finish playing Pet society already.^^
Dad's scolding my brothers.
Haiz...I don't like it. :S
Oh yea,hahah,after eating,I went to my friend's home and we played PS2. XD
I love 'san guo',it is so fun! X3
I wanna play it agaon,and I will choose the same character again,what is her name again...
Erm...'Gong Ju'. Heheh. :)
Love her movements.^^
Oh yea,potato is leaving to China today,happy trip to China.^^
Hey,I want ole ole ah!
Oh kay,gotta go,see ya people.

P.S. Avatar is on tomorrow,I wanna watch it too! X3



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