Sunday, December 13, 2009

No ♥ For Dust

Duh...painting the house again today.
Anyway,I am glad cuz it will be the very last day we paint. XD
We painted dining room yesterday and we will be continue painting our rooms today.
My room will be orange and teacup coloured skin and the boys room will be dark blue and teacup coloured skin. :)
Guess what am I doing. ==
I am wiping all those dust alone,no helpers. ==
I was wearing my cutie mask but my back ears were pain cuz it's a bit tight.
My nose...itch all the time,sneeze a little.
Hopefully my nose will be alright,I don't wanna get a running nose,it suffers.
Look at my papa mama's room,full of objects like clothes,wines,toys,prizes,pillows, paints and bla.

This is my cutie mask♥

The me now is still in her pyjamas,I am lazy to change my clothes.
Plus I love to be in pyjamas.^^ ♥ Hehe.

Yesterday was great.
Yumi was in a cute little pinky greenie polka dots dress and her hair was pin with cute little hair pins.
She was happy and keep on shouting. XD
The food was okay,I love the lamb♥
Wishing Yumi a happy happy birthday and hopefully she will grow healthier and cuter.^^

Happy 1st year birthday^^

Oh yeah,potato's cousin bro's wife brought her miniature schnauzer to his house yesterday.
It was so~ cutee and his name is MJ aka Max Junior.
Max is the name of his cousin bro.
MJ is a trained puppy which is 3 and a half month old.
And it is scared of high. XD
It scared to jump from the sofa even it is not high.
So cute~~~ ♥v♥

Shot some pics last night,have a look. :)

Potato & Yumi

Yumi & potato

Hahah,it reminds me of the jar of potatoes in his kitchen. XD

Well,I looked weird.

Cuppy cakes.

Saeng il chuka hamnida~

Kaming & I

My second cup cake XD

Ahh,Jiajia~!! >.<

Come to me baby. X3

It's so cute,I will do the same thing to mine next time. XD

Guess what am I drinking?

Yes,white wine.^^

MJ & I♥

Indonesian & Bangladesh potatoes.

They look alike and the way wear,the colours of clothes they like,the way they talk,their attitude,their style,their specs,their hair look like the same.
Dad says they are like brothers.
Hmph,potatoes,of course they are alike.
Okay,that's all for now,gotta take my lunch,I am hungry.
Ciaoz people,opps...
Have to pack my bag and prepare to go to Sunway Lagoon tomorrow~~!!! XD


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