Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Turning 16

I am soon turning 16.^^
Time flows fast...I don't wanna grow older so fast but time will not be stopped.
Too bad. =.=
Going out tomorrow,with someone.-^^-
Hmm...I feel kinda weird cuz many people wished me early.
Anyway,thanks people. <(^oo^)>
Hmm...I have no idea what to wirte...
Ahh,hahah,my bro has a Facebook now,named Anthony Xz.
And my lil bro had happily changed his name and profile pic in FB.
He is very happy,hahah!! X3
Haiz...bored lah!! XO
I wanna eat McD,hahah,I miss fillet-o-fish.
Oh yea,I want onion ring! X)
What to post~~~~ ost~~~~ ost~~~~
My head is going to burst. >.<
Uhuh! Grandma asked bro to look at the newspaper and guess what?
Yeow Xin is in the paper! And so do Lai Yenn! XD
Wait wait wait,I am going to post the news onto my blog.

Hahah,I am going to tell her in MSN! XD
Okat,gotta go,wanna watch my darling anime.


So...bye people. :]


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