Monday, December 28, 2009

I Love my Chicken Rice

I love my chicken rice.
I want it so much cuz it's going to be my lunch soon.
A sick patient ahould not eat rice isn't it? Yes he shouldn't.
SomeBODY is fighting with me,I want my chicken rice!!! XO
I don't care cuz I love it and I need it so much~ It's my luncH!
Haven't finich packing my clothes and stuffs yet,for tomorrow's Genting highland trip.
Yay~ We are going to have BIG BIG HUGE meals there for 2 nights!
I bet I will be fat in just 2 days time. XD
Okay,he ate my lunch. =o=
Attending Mr.Fong's class later.
Alone? Maybe. :s
Hungry. T_____T
2010 is just around the corner. Hopefully it will be a great year. :)
Bless me! Ciaoz.^^
Erm...take care.^^


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