Sunday, December 6, 2009

Boring Mid Valley

Went to Mid Valley in the afternoon after dad came back from sauna with his friends.
I knew that we are not going to ge ours today,cuz dad's going to an exhibition on the top floor but nevermind,it doesn't matter,I just wanna go out.
At first,dad wanted to get a set of new curtain for the living room and our rooms.
Anyway,mum was nag nag nag...'Do you think that we really need these? I don't think it will be nice cuz our house is not as big and as nice as bungaloo. Besides,I don't think it will be nice and very match if you add these on.'
Bla bla bla. At last,we left with nothing. =.=
After that,we went to a resraurant which has special dishes.
They use dragon fruit to cook the dish.^^
They were no customers when we reached, feels weird. =o=
We ordered 6 dishes and they were not expensive. :)
What is expensive? Yea,the drinks,dragon fruit drink.
Hmm...I think the rib bone plus dragon fruit sauce and 'pig leg vinegar' is nice. XD
Wah,the pig leg vineger is dam nice,I love the soup and the pork meat is not fatty. X)
I ordered a cup of dragon fruit + strawberry yogurt drink,it taste okay.
These are some photos of the food we ate. :]

Watering the plants under the hot sun so...HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!! XD

Nice decorations in mid Valley. Love the candles.^^

Christmas Curtains. :]

Bro's drink. X)

My drink. X]

Me and my drink.

Mama's drink.

I love this dish...XD

These are what we ate. :]

Guess what is that? It's a longan! XD

Okay,that's all for now,ciaoz people.


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