Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Being A Chef

I am going to be a one day chef today,cuz I am going to cook!
My first time is giving you,you must cherish it no matter it taste nice or not! XO
Feeling happy but nervous,cuz I scared I am going to destroy the kitchen. :D
Kalye is back from China,welcome home sweetie! X)
Christmas is coming very soon.
Very much.
The decos,the food,the people,the red white outfits,the santa,the presents,the laughters,the jokes,the lights,the Christmas trees,the rain deer,the sleigh,and the beautiful city,not covered by snow city,is nice.
People singing,chatting everywhere,enjoying the Christmas season and feel the warm besides sending their wishes and warmness to people around.
I will go crazy if I am an adult now,I don't know what will I do if I am on the streets.
I love Christmas,and Christmas loves me. :)
I am starving...
Gotta go get my breakfast right now.
Sayurnara people~


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