Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's Huge

It is huge,I mean Chung Hwa Independent high school.
Sorry cuz I posted something wrong yesterday,it was a 'wan ren yan' which means...
10 thousand people were gathering in a same place eating dinner??!
I don't think that there were that much people came last night,maybe a few thousands yes.
I did not saw Dato Najib,I just saw him from the slide.
There were performances but they were only performed in the hall,not so fair.==
Anyway,the performances were dam great,COOL!! X3
Hmm...What did they had last night...
Different kinds of dances and movements,choirs,duet,'si ge lang song',orchestra,violin,drums and many more.
Too bad I couldn't see them clearly.
I was impressed by the 'si ge lang song'.
It was 'lang song' by a Chinese,a Malay,and an Indian student.
They 'lang song' in Chinese and Malay,whoa,dam cool,the Malay and the indian spoke Chinese very well! The slang was exactly same like we Chinese!
Maybe they are Chung Hwa's students.^^
One word to describe,AWESOME.
I love the first song played by the Violin club.
It was a song by Mozart,I forgotten what was the name of the song. :p
I am kinda envy of Chung Hwa school,there're many clubSSSSS.
Yee yup,that's what my friend told me years ago,she's a student of Chung Hwa.
So good~ ClubSSSSS! I am going to join the Choir club if I did enter Chung Hwa.
My parents was going to let me study in that high school when I was 12,erm...
Yea,after I took my UPSR results,but I said 'NO'.
A little bit regret of mine. :s
Anyway,I do not like the Chinese + English = normal school's education X2.
We took 8 papers for PMR and they took 16.
Half were papers that we were answering,the other half were paper in Chinese.
The level of the lessons are high,I don't think that I could catch up with them.
It will be tired,and pressure perhaps.
That's why I rejected,cuz I was so scared to face the pressure.
Anyway,SMKTBM is good enough for me,and I am glad that I was sent here by mum. :)
My friends,my teachers,my house,are all gathered in the very same area.
Duh...Pet society is dc again. ==
Maybe somewhere is raining heavily. =o= DUH...
Hmm...what do we have for our dinner last night...
The first dish was a mix,the second one was shark fin like usual,the third one was chicken with bun (the uncle sitting in front of me keep on eating and searching the fats...==),next,sour spicy fish (not spicy at all,hard),the fifth one was chinese herb chicken (not bad),the sixth one was prawn (yuck!! It was still raw!! Smelled like...YUCK!!),the seventh dish was fried rice and lastly,it was longan ice + kaya bun.
Although there were still a last dish to served,but many people went off earlier,maybe they were scared of the traffic jam.
I will not go off earlier lo,wasting food.
Hahah,the uncle sitting beside the uncle in front of me was dam cute.
The way he talk and react is so cute,and he asked the waiter to send the last dish he hold to our table cuz many people went off already,so he 'don't wanna' waste the food. XD
And of course we were happy! We have more kaya buns!! XP
I couldn't visit and go around the school,not convenient.
Ahh..I wish I could but,no. T_____T
Stomachache again...ARGH. =.=
I took a few shots last night,not much.

It is the hall,air-conditioned.

Aunty Winnie & I ^^

I was the photographer! XD

Handsome guys.

This is clearer. :]

Tee hee~ :D

Chung Hwa's hall.

Opps...Forgot to mention about the small accident happened last night.
Uncle Winnie (aunty Winnie's husband) went to Shell to full his petrol tank when they were sending me and my brother back home after the dinner last night.
After he is done,we turned to BP then suddenly 'BANG!!'
It was loud. == And everyone in the car were shocked. =o=
It was uncle Winnie,he forgot to look in front,actually he did,but he thought that the Kelisa in front has already gone somewhere so he drove further then Bang!
Luckily nothing happened,and Aunty Winnie said that Kelisas' are hard and strong. XD
Thank God nothing happened. :)

Got to go now.
Btw,looking forward for 'The Princess & The frog'. ^^

P.S. I saw 2 ah gua eating outside a mamak last night. At the road of Chow Kit. XD



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