Thursday, December 31, 2009

Adios 091231

After staying with the cold cooling freezing air on the highland for 3 days 2 nights,I am finally back to KL,the city which is attacked by the hot weather always.
My face is red,the top was cold,the bottom is hot.
My face is kinda sensitive so it becomes reddish to warm me to take care of it nicely.
Yes my dear,of course I will take good care of you,I am drinking plenty of water jut for you.^^
Today is the very last day of year 2009.
What I can say is...Many things happened in this year.
I get to make many new friends,I became more mature,more like myself,I become braver,tougher,and I know that it is going to be hard in the future.
I get to know someone special,who leads me to move forward and brings me happiness.
I tried plenty of new things and get new experiences.
I danced,I joined the singing competition,I fall sick for times,my pimples became worse,the capacity of my stomach beomes bigger,I tried types of food,games,and ect.
I am very proud of myself cuz I have tried 'Corkscrew',the second scariest outdoor game at Geting Highland! XD
I,we played most of the roller coasters and head spinning games nd we did had a lots of fun together.
Corkscrew is a roller coaster which has the turning of 360 degree for twice.
Whn I ot down from it,I was so high and I did not feel scared at all! I sreamed happily. XD
It was a great trip to Genting Highland. I love the cold freezing air blowing through my body,the roller coasters,and the Padini Concept Store.
We had great meals for our dinner. The second night was really awesome,I mean the food. There're Chinese,Japanese,Western,Nyonya,Western Asia and Malaysia food.
I tried them all. Changed the dish for 7 to 8 perhaps 9 times. Felt like vomiting. XD
We did not play many kinds of games although we had the all doors ticket.
Bumper car,indoor roller coaster,car racing,bla,and I wanna win that cute big little bear! XO
We stayed in First World Hotel. The lobby is nice with Christmas decorations.
I bought a bear too.^^ It's a red bear with soft bright red fur. Nice to hug.
Oh yea,I bought a pair of BUM Equipment shoe shoe too,and a 'you complete my heart' t-shirt,three. NICE~
I am hungry now,I skipped my lunch cuz...I was full from yesterday night til this afternoon! The dinner's fault...>.<
I A M S T A R V I N G . . . P L E A S E H E L P M E . . . > . <

I wish...
2010 will be an amazing year of mine,good things will fall in love with me,I will have great luck,great health,great mood and happiness.
I wish I could stay togther forever with all MY LOVED ONES,forever and always.
Please forgive me if I did anything wrong in 2009,I will try to change my weaknesses for a better year and a better me.
Happy new year,my friends.
Enjoy the very last day of 2009,smile. :)
I love you.
Adios, year 2009 . month December . day 31 .
Happy 2010,come to me baby!!!


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