Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Trip To Genting Highland

Going off to Genting Highland soon,everything is prepared,almost.
Yeowxin is coming back soon,am I right?
She did not tell me when is she coming back to Malaysia so I am still wondering.
Left a note in her house,asked her to call me when she came back.
I am bringing a big luggage to the highland,I don't know why.
I bring the most things and the biggest luggage there,hah,I don't know what am I bringing. ^^
I have clothes but I don't wear them,wasted isn't it? So I bring many kinds of...stuffs,which I think I need them.
Uncle david says ut's cold up there,he has been there 3 days ago.
Yay,I love cold air,it makes me feel fresh. :)
Suck,suck,suck in the cold freezing cooling air,hzzzm hzzzm hzzzm~
Yay the second,I,I mean we,are going to have a big BIG dinner for tonight,and also tomorrow night.
Forget about weight gaining. I know I am going to slim down when the school reopens. Hah! XD
Awww...going to fit in school uniforms again...I hate it.
I mean,I hate school to be reopened.
I bet almost everyone hates it,like me,much.
Besides~ that,I am going for shopping on 0101,it's will be a freakee Friday,cuz I am going to spend mama's money like hell. XD
We Are Goin To Sunway Pyramid~!! X3
I was kinda upset cuz I could not get my favorite pair of shoe shoe in Vincci cuz it doens't look quite nice on me so,TET! Wake up,that's not your thing.
I gave up with it,with that nice pretty little shoe shoe. :(
I don't care,I want a pair of flats + a pair of sneakers.
Ble ble BLEK! Mum,please sponsor me and I will wake you up every morning. :D
Dadda,come back home faster,I wanna feel the moist and the mist up there.
Hopefully this will be a great cool trip before the nightmare begins...from next week onwards..
I am going crazy,soon. I SHOULD.
I shall leave my blog for a day and I will be continue blogging the day after tomorrow.
This is just a good place for me to express myself,say what I wanna say,do what I wanna do,cuz it's my blog!
Enjoy it Steph,enjoy the trip.
Little miss biscuit...
Gotta go now,take care people,smile.


Love is fire.

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