Sunday, December 27, 2009

Successfully Done

Yay,I have done my art exam in the morning just now. :) Happy~~
I did practiced but...once or twice...Hah. :D
Anyway,I am glad that...I am kinda satisfy with my painting. Heh.
The title of my exam was 'snow scene'.
I copied a pic from the web and I added something on my paint and tadah~
My masterpiece. X3
I thought that...I couldn't done it that well cuz I just practised for one or two times only...The first time was yesterday in the evening and the half second one was this morning.
Thanks to Miss Wong. She gave me some good ideas and they made my painting looks better. :)
Painted the house again today...T I R E D .
What has been bothering me was...
- dust
- dirt
- insects
- little feaces (insects')
D U H . . .
Anyway,I am happy now cuz all the rooms have been painted with brand new colours.
Tee Hee. :D
I am going to sleep very early tonight...I need good sleep without dreams! Xs
I can't really sleep these days..Hard to get into sleep.
That's suffering.
Okay,that's all for now.
Looking forward to next Tuesday cuz I am going to Genting Highland. 3 days 2 nights. ^^
Plus we are going to overnight at my grandma's house for maybe 3 days 2 nights,with my dear cousins! XD
Okay then,see ya.^^

Mister bear and I

Wearing mama's pyjamas. =o=

Snow scene.


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