Thursday, December 17, 2009


Finally,we are going out shopping tomorrow... I have waited for this moment for a long time,I can't stand staying in home already! Going to Sunway Pyramid tomorrow,anyway,I have to attend to Puan Haris's class in the morning tomorrow at 7.30. == I am lazy... Brothers of mine went out for lunch,mamak. I wanna stay at home sitting in front of the pc,I hate sweating under the hot sun,I mean...they walked out. My God,Pet society is dc again. =o= I hate you. waiting for my fish fillets to be cooked,kakak...== I need my fillets right now!!! >O< Oh yea,Avatar is on in cinemas today,feel like watching it. The director is the one who directed 'Titanic',I bet the 2 and a half hour movie is going to be great and awesome. :) Anyway,I would love~ to watch Princess and the frog too. I am boring...miss PS2 in my friend's house. I miss the game 'san guo'... T_______T My bro's glass was broke,don't know why. Sayangnya gelas tu... Me and my brothers each have one McD glass. Mine is pink,lil bro's is light blue,and his is green. The green one was broken and is thrown into the dustpin. No trio anymore,it's duo now. :( I will remember you,greenie. Don't know what to write... Hopefully I will have a great day tomorrow,ShoPPing!! MaLL!! I wanna buy many many many many many many....... Hahah,bye bye lo.^^ Erm... Enjoy this,too.^^ xoxo

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