Monday, December 7, 2009

I Hate Smoke

When i woke up this morning,I smelled something I hate,hate,HATE!!
There's someone open burning behind my house,behind the small pathway!!
Just right behind my house!! Stupid BAKA!!
You heartless,you want people to suck the smoke and die? You want??
Is that what you wish?
Hmph,I think the one who did that is most probrably the kakak behind.
How can she did that to the environment??
Does she knows that smoke is bad for human's health??
Can she be more considerate and think of others?
Especially the people next door,front door,and behind door.
I was shicked when I see the greyish smoke flying everywhere,walao eh!!
I hate~~~ smoke. ==
Hahah~ I am done with 'Boys over flowers'! XD
Hmm...what am I going to watch next...Ting~~
Wakaka,handsome people,I am coming. XD
Decorated Lola's house with a brand new christmas tree,nice. X)
I am satisfied. Hahah~
Lil bro started his first Madam Yap's tuition class today,wonder how he feels like?
I was her student and my el bro is her student,and right now,my lil bro joined us.
It feels great! XD
Stomachache for almost the whole day yesterday,walao...T________T
Hah,mummy says she will bring me go shopping this Friday,just we girls!
Great~~ I wanna buy many many many~~ Things.
Wahaha,dad will not have the chance to comment on what we want and what we like.^^
Everytime when we wanna buy something,I mean our outfits,he will be having many comments and suggestions.
But now,we girls will not be worried. HAHAH!! XD
Hopefully mummy's words will become true. :)
Okay,that's all for now,see ya people.


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