Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Tang Yuan Day

Happy tang yuan day people! XD
Just finished one bowl of tang yuan as my breakfast just now.
Guess what? I made some cute little tang yuan oh! ^^
I made a pig,a piggy face.
It has got eyes,nose,ears,and even nostrils. :D
Besides,I add some chocolate chips into 2 of the tang yuans.
I ate one of them just now,tasteless. :S
Today will be a busy day,maybe.
I have to finish Dr.Fong's homeworks,send my 'regards' to someone,and prepare myself for the art exam this Saturday.
The title of my art exam is 'The beautiful scene of snow'.
I could not get any ideas,I am stucked.
So...any ideas? ^^
My teacher said I can add snowman,or...anything you want.
But I just can't figure it out so...
I need a BIG help. :)
Help help me. Hahah.^^
Walao...PS dam lack. =o=
I hate you I hate you I hate you.
School is reopen soon,very soon.
I hate you I hate you I hate you!! >o<
I don;t wanna return to school so early. T__________T
This holiday is too~ SHORT.
Short until I have not enough time to complete what I wanna complete.
('|') << Ultraman
I still wanna rest,I still wanna enjoy doing what I wanna do.
I wanna eat,I wanna sleep til late in the morning although I can't really sleep.
I wanna watch movies,I wanna watch dramas.
I haven't finish watching Saiunkoku Monogatari yet.
I still have some animes to be watched.
But I could not finish them all by this holiday cuz it is too short!!!
I am exploding.
That's all for today.
So...take care and enjoy the last 2 weeks we have.


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