Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shania Twain - You're still the one

One word to describe myself now :


p.s.i wanna watch THE BACK UP PLAN! >.<

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tissue monster :O

Having a bad flu,mucus keep on being procuced in my nostrea,yuck!
Will be taking medicine soon,hopefully I will not feel sleepy during Mr.Fong's class tonight.
Skipped 7 periods today,aww. :(
I was the apron lady of the day today,woohoo,my body was very smelly.
All sorts of ketchup,sause,oil,chocolate & even ice-cream can be found on the apron.
The sale was good today,people lovee cheesy sausage a.k.a. fat dog! XD
My body is tired,even writing can beat me down.
2 days of sale left,hopefully we will earn more money for our History club.^^
It's raining,what are you doin?
Oh man,tissue,I need you.
Pray hard to avoid my nose from getting blocked.
Finger crossed.

xoxo ✿


Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday,a tired one

Our sale was quite successful.
The best selling food was tomyam bihun.
It was sold off before form 3's recess time ends so form 4 & 5 had no chance to have a try.
Don't worry,we will prepare a lot for sure tomorrow!
Tasted the soup,not bad,I wish that it could be more spicier.
Skipped 2 periods of add maths today & we realised that 2 periods before 10.30am for us to do decorations aren't enough.
I will be doing the sausage tomorrow,will be skipping the first 5 periods I guess.
I am beat.
Art class was normal but tiring.
Luckily he came and fetched me,otherwise I will have to bring all the heavy stuffs home alone.
Having art class tonight at 8,have to walk back home. :(
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day & the same goes to our selling.
See ya peeps.


My driver,I miss you♥

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I hate tuition classes on Sunday

I hate tuition classes on Sunday.
Sunday is suppose to be a day for me to rest & relax but?!
I have to attend tuition class.
Went to 1U this morning & met Kalye.
And now,I am using my cousin sis's laptop to update my bloggie.
Can't wait to get my new specs.

Outfit of the day❤

I heart this car❤

My body was shaking when this pic was captured...
Fishes behind!

Tomorrow's the first day of Koperasi week.
Will be selling chocolate milk shake,rootbeer,jelly,cheesy sausage & tomyam bihun.
Guys,must 'bong can' our store owh~ ^^
Watched Lady gaga's satan video thingy just now.
Emily said that she could not sleep bcuz she was shocked that she sold her soul to the devil and her mv are all related to the satan belief.
Hahah...I don't think that it's true,I hope so.
Gotta go now,tuition tuition tuition,ARGH!
Alright,happy Sunday people.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bad Day :(

Stomachache,don't know why.
I had a bad day.
I did not take art exam today cuz I was doing art project stuff.
After that,I went to Kalye's house and we have waited for Wendy's mum to fetch us to Jusco for next week's sale which is Koperasi week.
Hush hush,we bought expensive things!
The 'expensive' means the prices are much more higher compare to the market's.
We went to 'Yen Chong Hong' after that and we realised that the prices of the items we bought are much more cheaper than what we bought in Jusco!


HMPH,we have wasted our money & we will earn them back! >o<
After that,I had my Chocolate Indulgence in Marry Brown.
I love the cake so much.
Will be trying 'durian durian' next time,heh. :D
After lunch,Wendy's mum fetched Kalye & me back home.
We helped her to carry the things into her house and we left.
Then I realised that I left my baggie at her house!
So,aunty stopped at a bus stop beside Kalye's house and I used the small passage way to Kalye's house.
After taking my bag,my eyes suddenly bacame blur and I started to feel dizzy.
I thought something had gone into my right eye but NO!
When I got into the car,I took my specs down and realised that the piece was gone!
Wendy & I went to search for it but we failed. X'I
That goes my afternoon.
Went to make a new spec just now,a frameless one as he wished.^^
I took a very long time to pick it,more than an hour.
Yay,new spec!
My old whitey spec,I will miss you.

Smile for a better day :D

Me & my painting.



My painting❤


Gotta start doing art project soon.
Oh no,almost forgot to do the decorations for the food sale!
Sheath,I am half dead.
Ciaoz peeps♥


We've been together for ten months.
Happy 10th anniversary.

❤ :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

I ♥ Peanut Butter!

I ♥ peanut butter.
I enjoy eating bread spreaded with peanut butter these days.
Nope,I eat them every single day! XO
Oh God,I am going to be fat. >.<
School was
There's a singing competition organized by Chinese society which was held in APD.
I tell you,the APD was soooo crowded until you cannot breathe!
I had to stood up like ballerinas and take in fresh air.
Wishing them all the best. :)
It's raining,the sky's sad.
I spent 2.50 bucks during recess time just for food.
That was my first time spending so much during recess.
Aww...I will turn into a pig in no time,for sure.
Art exam's tomorrow,haven't started practise yet.
God bless me.
That's all for now,ciaoz.


Thursday, June 24, 2010


I'm sad.
The marks of my certain subjects had dropped very badly.
I was shocked.
What I can do is to study hard.
After this busy week,I will start a new life.
I promise.

I wanna see your face.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Had sorethroat this morning.
Luckily I drank a cup of vitamin C,otherwise...I will be suffering now.
School was as usual,nothing much.
Bought a bracelet from Pikyin,quite cheap. :)
Felt sleepy during Puan Haris's class.
Hopefully I will not fall asleep in next tuition class.
Pray hard to complete my art project on time.
Fairy God mother,help~~
That's all for now,ciaoz.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shocking News

Received a shocking news from Puan Goh this morning.
What??! We have to hand in art project on this Friday??
I just started doing a little!
What to be done next?
Add Maths project and art exam!
The title of art exam this time is 'a dream'.
Dream? What dream?
I have totally zero ideas!
My God! >O<
Woke up at 4++ morning bcuz of the stupid mosquitoes.
I love fan more than air conditioner,seriously.
But this time,I wonder why there're mosquitoes who attacks!
DUH,bcuz of you!
I could not continue sleeping!
I need miracles.
I need good news.
I need a short break.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Better than my expectations :)

The results are better than what I had expected.
Hopefully the same goes to each & every subjects.
Had a not bad day today.
I wish I will have happy school days everyday.
Gambadeh Steph,be hardworking & happy. :)

Dear,I love you always.


P.S.Grandma's bittergourd + chicken = awsome!!❤

Sunday, June 20, 2010

It's so gentle &
it melts my heart away silently.

Happy Papas' Day ❤

The Add Maths project is killing my brain cells.
How to make the charts & the pie??!
Well,school reopens tomorrow & that's sad. :'(
I wish that I could have a longer break,perhaps a month? :D
Hah,silly me.
Today is fathers' day.
Wishing all the daddies around the whole world





You're my


( Please cut down your weight okay? Seriously,you need to start having a diet. )


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ladies' Night

Went overnight at Chai's house yesterday.
Woohoo~~ we slept at 3++ am.
Syoknya~~~! XD
We watched movies,Detective Conan and blah.
We had a mini water splash 'battle' too. XP
Hahah,her sister is very stressful.
Gambadeh oh onisang,you can do it!

Wash face face.


Brush teeth teeth.

My nose is becoming very sentitive these days.
I keep on sneezing for no reason,DUH. =.=
Went to take breakfast at the market this morning.
We saw Sze Mei & her family at the same noodle stall.
Her dad helped us to pay for the noodles!
I was very paiseh,anyway,thanks a lot uncle! X)
We did handcrafts today,no painting.
Yay. :D
Since it's Fathers' Day tomorrow,we were making a little letter box specially for our daddy.
We are not going to celebrate it I guess,sign. :'(
Alright,that's all for now.
Oh no,I forgot to complete Miss Tang's essay!

Gotta complete it tonight!
Hush hush hush.
Ciaoz people,hugs & kisses.


Friday, June 18, 2010

6K,a beautiful memory of mine ♥


Met my old friends in Facebook,a lot of them!
They were my standard 6's classmates.
I still remember that I was 'carrying' a mushroom head at that time.
My form teacher wanted all of us to keep our hair short with her so called 'reasonable' reasons.
I hated my hair because of her. =.=
I wonder how are they & how's their life going.
I really missed them,when's the gathering? :D
Hopefully they will still remember me.
Ouch,tummy pain. >.<
Stupig computer,laggy computer,you are smelly!
Will stay overnight at Chai's house tonight.
Woohoo~ Girls' night!
Let's get the party started,let's get the party started~
Actually,I do feel kinda sad cuz my darling holiday is going to end soon.
But I will still have to face the truth no matter what.
The big killer of ours -- S P M .
I am going to enjoy my last secondary school year bcuz I know I will miss it much.
I will do my best to achieve what I want.
I want to get what I want & I am going to get what I want!

Let there be love.

I love ma hair.

☮ ❤ ت


Oh man,look at those beautiful outfits!

I wanna get them on above my skin.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I'm suppose to

Enjoy your day my friends! :)
It's kinda disappointed & sad but,nevermind,I'll still have chances.
I don't wanna spend my day alone,I want McD.
Hoilday's over very soon,sign.
I hate it,I wanna sleep like a pig,I wanna play like a physco,I wanna jump as high as I could,I wanna touch the sky.
Back to reality,stop dreaming and prepare yourself to be back to school.
Well,today is suppose to be our day...
It will be fun,it will be.
Is your test done?
Wishing you all the best & best of luck.
The necklace I gave will be your guardian angel when I'm not by your side.
Hopefully I will be able to taste Mc Chicken later. :D
Drive safe,my darling.

Please don't stop the music ► ☊™

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sing K ☊™

Went to Yit How's big house with Kalye & Maypoh this morning.
We sang K! XD
We sang for 4 hours non-stop until our throat sore.
Thanks for the 'kat zai' lemon thingy,ada honey tak? :D
We sang any songs included rockin' style & very high pitch ones.
My God,I was screaming like I've never screamed before.
I do enjoyed it.

Guys,meet Little Miss perfect ღ

Singing divas!

Leehom & I! ♫


Girls gang.

We spent out evening together,black white match.
I just...

Hate that I love you so♥

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Phew,I love M'sia ♥

Felt much more better after discussing a 'thing' with uncle Larry last night.
I am aiming Raffles,a year abroad is more than enough for me.
So...yeah,I will do my master abroad. :)
I hate being alone.
Homesick,friendsick,husbandsick,NO WAY!
I love Malaysia.
Not the politics,but I am still glad that I am a Malaysian.
No earthquakes,no storms,no volcano eruptions,nothing.
Maybe Tsunami? *Tapwood!*
I feel contented with my life now.
Look at my wardrobe,it's full with clothes.
My cute little dressing table?
All my hairbands,accessories,everything live happily there like a tiny kingdom.
I have a loving & caring family.
I am healthy,I have well-grown,I have the ability to think & decide.
I have lovely & great friends.
And I have him.


I should be grateful at all times,bear in mind Steph,bear in mind.
All we need is love,so let there be one.

Sarangheyo 사랑해요♥

╔══╗ ♫ No music no life

Monday, June 14, 2010


Monday morning is boring. DUH. =o=
I've done a piece of directed writing & a piece of summary.
Oh man,there're 7 sets of thingy to be completed in a week?
NO WAY! ๑.๑
I've wasted a week of hols doing nothing.
OMG regretful!
Time passed by that fast until I couldn't breathe.
I am scared to face those sucky results of mine after school reopens.
I need a looooooooooooong enough break,yeah I need it.
My wish can't come true. :'(
Took my dinner twice yesterday.
The second one was taken in Tuck Kee.
The food was really nice but they're in small portions.
Eee. >.<
Enjoyed playing with the 2 little boys,they are just so cutee ღღ

The pau was really nice.

The big bully.

This is little Raven.

Haih...What am I going to do next?
Oh well,that's all for now.
Ciaoz & enjoy the remaining holi-6-DAYS!


ღღ ๑۩۞۩๑ ღღ