Friday, June 11, 2010

Girls' day out❤

Went to The Curve with mummy this afternoon.
The first station was Popular.
Awww...Couldn't find what I needed. :(
After that,we went to see the birdies as there's a bird exhibition at the ground floor.
Guess what?
I bought 2 LITTLE MISS tee shirt!!!♥♥♥
Oh God,I ♥ them sooooooooooo much!
I love Little Miss!

Which Mr.Men are you?

What about little Miss? :)

I love all of them!♥

I told my mum that I wanna collect Little Miss.
She replied 'You're insane'.
Ouch,that hurts! .><. Hah,just kidding.
Saw 2 pairs of 鸙鸯 just now.
They were sticking to each other and if any of them moved further apart,the other one will followed up bcuz they don't wanna be apart.
Awww~ So sweet! X)
Let's take a look at the pics I've taken today.

This is the owl.

Don't know what dingdong bird.


Look! Little chicks & ducklings!

They're just so active & cutee & fluffy! XD

Beautiful Peacock.

That's the lovely couple!

Manhattan Mocha.

My lunch -- Manhattan Pacific Dory.

It was found dead in my room.
May you rest in peace.

Oh yea,finally,I got my toner from Skin Food.
Besides,I got myself a white nail polish + lavender nail remover too.^^
Mum bought her candy red lipstick.
Have you ever heard of lipsticks which were made from candy?
It's really candy! Candy lipstick. :P
Attended Chemistry class at 6pm.
We had them earlier as the replacement class.
Tomorrow will be a busy day,but I'll never stop missing you. >v<
Oh,it's already midnight.
Good night & sleep well people,have a nice dream♥


I want you to be my pillow every single night❤

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