Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Phew,I love M'sia ♥

Felt much more better after discussing a 'thing' with uncle Larry last night.
I am aiming Raffles,a year abroad is more than enough for me.
So...yeah,I will do my master abroad. :)
I hate being alone.
Homesick,friendsick,husbandsick,NO WAY!
I love Malaysia.
Not the politics,but I am still glad that I am a Malaysian.
No earthquakes,no storms,no volcano eruptions,nothing.
Maybe Tsunami? *Tapwood!*
I feel contented with my life now.
Look at my wardrobe,it's full with clothes.
My cute little dressing table?
All my hairbands,accessories,everything live happily there like a tiny kingdom.
I have a loving & caring family.
I am healthy,I have well-grown,I have the ability to think & decide.
I have lovely & great friends.
And I have him.


I should be grateful at all times,bear in mind Steph,bear in mind.
All we need is love,so let there be one.

Sarangheyo 사랑해요♥

╔══╗ ♫ No music no life

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