Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm suppose to

Enjoy your day my friends! :)
It's kinda disappointed & sad but,nevermind,I'll still have chances.
I don't wanna spend my day alone,I want McD.
Hoilday's over very soon,sign.
I hate it,I wanna sleep like a pig,I wanna play like a physco,I wanna jump as high as I could,I wanna touch the sky.
Back to reality,stop dreaming and prepare yourself to be back to school.
Well,today is suppose to be our day...
It will be fun,it will be.
Is your test done?
Wishing you all the best & best of luck.
The necklace I gave will be your guardian angel when I'm not by your side.
Hopefully I will be able to taste Mc Chicken later. :D
Drive safe,my darling.

Please don't stop the music ► ☊™

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