Sunday, June 13, 2010

Karate kid's Awsome ♥

Went to watch Karate Kid with 2 sapos & 2 salaos at Jusco last night.
I tell you,IT WAS AWSOME!♥
The movie had lasted for 2 hours & 20 minutes.
I did enjoyed it much.
Secret Recipe's chocolate indulgences + oreo milk shake was my supper.

Little miss whoops & mey

Before ( chocolate indulgences yumyum )

After ( Emily's actually XD )

Oreo milk shake!

Chubby face Kalye! XD

Emimi & Chuchu!

Indonesia potato.

Shoe go away,Golden palm.

They were going to kiss. XP

Pretty gals gang♥


Finally,I have my own passport!!!
I felt 'bigger' after looking & feling my very own passport.
I am a big girl! Wakaka!
For the very first time,I enjoyed Add Maths tuition class.
Wow O.o
It's going to rain soon,I HATE THUNDER.
I always get blur when the thunder strikes bcuz I will get worried & scared & I don't know how to control my feelings after that. =.=
Okie,that's all for now.
Aiks,Miss Tang's homework + Add Maths project + Art project,OMG >>> K.O.
Wish to see you tomorrow,I wish my dream will come true.


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